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Laser Photonics has 3D metal printing, laser cutting, laser cleaning, OEM solutions, and more laser marking and engraving solutions

Marking, Engraving & Cleaning for the Military

  Laser marking, laser engraving and laser cleaning has gone from cool tech to an industry requirement.   The military represents one of the largest and most diverse industries that requires that parts and inventory be markedRead More…

Laser Photonics OEM Kit with 3D Focusing System for laser cutting, laser marking laser engraving and laser cleaning

3D Dynamic Focusing System Announced for C02 and Fiber Laser OEM Kits

February 22, 2018 Orlando, FL —  Laser Photonics released an exciting new upgrade available to the industrial-grade CO2 and FIBER Laser OEM Kits. The 3D Dynamic Focusing System has all the components of the laser (3D scanner,Read More…


New Dynamic Upgrade for Laser Marking & Engraving Machines

February 19, 2018, Orlando, FL — Laser Photonics, the innovator in fiber laser marking and engraving machines, just announced a new technology advancement to the powerful and versatile LaserTower™ Series. Laser Photonics will incorporate an AutofocusingRead More…


New Portable Handheld Laser Marking Machine Announced

February 15, 2018, Orlando, FL — Laser Photonics announces the newest model of the Handheld MarkStarPro. Smaller and lightweight design with all cables enclosed plus the versatility, high performance, and rugged portability of our Handheld Series. The MarkStarPro is designed for a wide rangeRead More…


Laser Photonics’ Systems Help Firearm Manufacturers Achieve Government and UN Compliance

Compliance has its challenges. Firearms manufacturers are working diligently to comply with the various handgun and ammunition marking laws from various states, government agencies and the UN. In order to comply, many manufacturers haveRead More…


Lasers in Automotive Industry : Application Newsletter

Application Newsletter: Lasers in Automotive Industry  Using Laser Cutting in the Auto Industry – an Applications Newsletter Laser use in automotive manufacturing dates back to Ford Motor Co in the mid 70’s.Read More…


Hitting The Mark For Heavy Equipment Etching and Marking

Do you have heavy equipment or assets in the field that need to be marked? Parts too big for regular marking machines? Don’t bring them in to be marked, take the the MarkStarPro toRead More…


Technology Update: Fiber Laser vs Dot Peen Marking

Technology Update Fiber Laser vs Dot Peen Marking Application: Barcode Marking Selecting the right marking technology is increasingly important in manufacturing as demands and regulations increase for permanent traceability of parts and products.Read More…


Laser Marking Systems for Ballistics Identification Applications

Controversial microstamping identification requirements now achievable via advanced laser marking and engraving systems LAKE MARY, FL, April 3, 2016 – Laser Photonics today announced application-specific advancements in the controversial area of microstamping, aRead More…