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Laser Photonics is a recognized, industry leading brand of industrial grade laser equipment, offering a full product line of standardized and specialized laser systems in the Clean Technology space. 

We are pioneering a new generation of disruptive laser blasting technologies aimed at emerging and traditional markets, including corrosion control, rust removal, de-coating, welding, laser cleaning, and surface conditioning, while reducing environment hazards and increasing workplace safety.

Our solutions span entire product lifecycles — from product fabrication to maintenance & repair, as well as aftermarket operations – with untapped potential by the following industries:

Military equipment repair
Heavy industry
Machine manufacturing
Energy generation
Nuclear maintenance and de-commissioning
Industries which have yet to be discovered

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Welcome to the future

Laser blasting is replacing sand blasting and extending the life expectancy for abrasive blasting operators throughout the world!

Estimated Market Size: $1089B by 2027*

Source: ReportLinker

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