WeldTech LPC-1500-LWS

    A compact and transportable laser welding system perfectly suited for on-site or warehouse applications, the WeldTech LPC-1500-LWS is a precise instrument that improves weld consistency and quality for operators of all skill levels. To use the system, an operator first selects from WeldTech’s 24 material modes and sets the thickness of the material; the system then automatically adjusts the power output for the user’s unique needs. Multiple weld weave patterns are available. 








    Easy To Use


    The WeldTech can join materials with or without filler material. For the former, the system integrates a wire feeder for wires of various widths. Laser welding does not involve the use of flammable gases or electrodes and works via heat dissipation, providing a safe and eco-friendly process. As an added benefit, the laser beam ablates contaminants on the material’s surface during the welding process, thereby eliminating the need for pre-weld treatment. The WeldTech LPC-1500-LWS is classified as a Class IV system by laser safety standards and is designed and tested with safety in mind. 

    Industries using the WeldTech LPC-1500-LWS


    • Date Codes
    • Serial Number
    • Bullet Marking


    • Paint removal, and surface preparation
    • Marking on all automobile parts
    • Coating removal on windshields


    • Direct Parts Marking
    • UID Marking
    • Machine Decontamination

    Battery Manufacturing

    • Battery Cleaning
    • Battery Welding
    • Titanium Oxide Removal

    Technical Specifications

    System Specifications

    Model Number: LPC-1500-LWS
    Power Output: 1500 Watt
    Laser Safety Class: Class IV
    Wavelength: 1080 nm
    Operating Mode: Continuous w/modulation option
    Cable Length: 5.6m
    Size: 670mm x 280mm x 540mm (26.38″ x 11″ x 21.26″)
    Operational Voltage: 220VAC,60Hz, 30A 
    Unit Weight: 40 Kg (88.2lbs) Total System: 13.6kg (30lbs)
    Operating Temperature: 0-40°C (32°-104°F)
    Cooling System: Air Cooling
    Safety Features: Emergency Stop, Emission Indication, Ground Loop

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