Diode Pointer

Red aiming beam for visual alignment.

Laser Cutting Head

The Titan arrives standard with a top performance laser cutting head for high accuracy and throughput.

Optical Cartridge (Non-Contact)

The optical cartridge allows for fast replacement of focal lenses, minimizing service downtime and increasing productivity. It is recommended that additional cartridges be obtained for reduced downtime during servicing.

Control Terminal

The TiTAN Series arrives standard with a PC/NC base control with a conversational graphical screen and an extra large 15”[381mm] TFT color display. Designed with three standard USB ports and one RJ45 LAN connection for networking capabilities.

Single Pallet Shuttle System (Motorized)

The TiTAN Series comes standard with a 4’ x 8’ [1.2m x 2.4m], 5’ x 10’ [1.5m x 3m] or 6.5’ x 13.12’ [2m x 4m] motorized single pallet shuttle system.

Laser Safety Starter Kit


Optical cartridge tool change kit Lens cleaning kit

Protection goggles

Multi-axis Cutting Head

Five axis cutting head for specialized applications.

Electronic Control Gas Pressure Regulator (ECGPR) Electronic Control Gas Pressure Regulator for ease of preset pressure depending on the type and thickness of materials to be processed.

Ultrasonic Materials Sensor

Ultrasonic materials sensor determines the presence of materials in the working area and prevents misfiring of the laser.

Automatic Focus Height Sensing Unit

Capacitor or ultrasonic sensors are available depending on

material requirements.

Corner Detector

Device is used to assist the loading and unloading system to position material in correct work area position.

Table Slats

  • Knife Edges on 2” Center
  • Knife Edges on 1” Center

Worksheet Clamps

Pneumatic clamps are used to hold material in place while processing.

Dual “Pass Thru”

Dual: Automatic dual pallet for loading and unloading during cutting operations.

Side Air Blow Unit

The side air blow unit contains dual directed nozzles to re-direct anti-spatter compounds with high-pressure air to keep particles off the material, lens, and nozzle during high-speed piercing operations.

External Exhaust System

Laser Photonics offers a dust collection system manufactured to remove large particles from the exhaust with washable static filters.

Fiber Coupler

Enclosed fiber coupler / optical switch.

Chip Removal

Gathers chips, slugs, scraps and small parts from the machine for the ease of cleanliness and discard.


Air Compressor

Laser Photonics offers an air compressor to provide compressed air to the laser machine. Air is utilized to operate pneumatic cylinders and provides the medium for the external beam path.


Material Cutting Library Data Base (requires Autofocus and ECGPR)

Database Library to recall cutting different types of materials and thickness.