cleantech laser cleaning systems
CleanTech™ Laser Cleaning Systems are the best industrial laser cleaning and surface conditioning systems on the market today. CleanTech™ is assembled in the USA by Laser Photonics and is committed to designing the most eco-friendly and safe laser products in the fiber laser industry. CleanTech laser cleaning systems are available in a variety of sizes and strengths to handle any application.

CleanTech™ laser systems have a drastic advantage over traditional cleaning methods like sandblasting, dry ice blasting, and other abrasive blasting techniques because laser cleaning systems are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and complete the job in less time. Laser cleaning removes coatings, contaminants, rust, and residues with a high-energy laser beam which leaves the underlying substrate untouched. CleanTech removal is the most cost-effective, efficient, and safest method of industrial cleaning, rust removal, coating removal and surface preparation.

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TitanFX Laser Cutting Machine

CleanTech™ Titan FX

The CleanTech Titan FX is a high-power, large format laser designed for cleaning, rust removal, and surface conditioning on large and heavy pieces.


  • Designed for industrial applications
  • Used for cleaning, rust removal, and surface conditioning
  • Up to 7′ x 13′ processing area
cleantech titan express

CleanTech™ Titan Express

Mid-Size – Powerful – Complete. The CleanTech Titan Express Laser Cleaning Machine is a high-power fiber laser for cleaning and surface conditioning.


  • Rust and paint removal, and casting mold cleaning
  • Used for cleaning and surface conditioning
  • Up to 4′ x 4′ working envelope
  • Class IV Fiber Laser
large format laser cleaning machine

CleanTech™ MegaCenter

The CleanTech™ Megacenter Laser Cleaning System is an Industrial-Grade Laser parts cleaning, rust removal and surface conditioning system


  • Industrial-Grade Laser System
  • Used for parts cleaning, rust removal and surface conditioning system
  • Operates as a standalone unit or can easily be integrated into a production line environment

CleanTech™ Handheld LPC-50-CTHD

Super compact, the LPC-50-CTHD is designed as an entry-level dual axis laser cleaning and surface treatment system for small areas requiring delicate cleaning and other surface preparation operations.


  • Mold release cleaning
  • Shipbuilding industry and Marine Corrosion removal
  • Decontamination
  • Zink coating removal for welding operation

CleanTech™ Handheld LPC-100-CTHD

The CleanTech Handheld LPC-100-CTHD is an industrial grade air-cooled pulsed laser system. Remove rust and corrosion from nearly any surface with a safer, more eco-friendly approach than sandblasting.


  • Automotive parts manufacturing
  • Food processing equipment cleaning
  • Sewage treatment
  • Rubber tires
  • Tire Mold Cleaning

CleanTech™ Handheld LPC-200-CTHD

You can now clean rust, remove paint and other coatings, then finish the surface of nearly any material with surgical accuracy by using the LPC-200-CTHD portable handheld finishing laser.


  • Gas and oil industries
  • Rust removal
  • Aero craft de-painting
  • Coating and paint stripping
  • Degreasing
lpc 300-cthd

CleanTech™ Handheld LPC-300-CTHD

The CleanTech Handheld LPC-300-CTHD is a high performance, industrial-grade air-cooled laser system. This fiber laser system quickly switches from laser cleaning to laser conditioning with the press of a button.


  • Parts pre-coating
  • Pre-welding treatment operations
  • Welding treatment
  • Oxide removal

CleanTech™ Handheld LPC-1000-CTHS

The CleanTech Handheld LPC-1000-CTHS is a single axis laser cleaning and surface treatment system for medium-sized areas requiring delicate cleaning, de-painting, and other surface preparation operations.


  • Industrial Degreasing
  • Induced Surface Preparation
  • Ideal for Cleaning Flat Surfaces
  • Oxide Removal

CleanTech™ Handheld LPC-1000-CTHD

The CleanTech Handheld LPC-1000-CTHD is an industrial-grade professional-level portable handheld roughing laser cleaner. Featuring a dual axis fiber laser, this laser system is ideal for working with any type of surface.


  • Aluminum (Anodized/Polished/Cast)
  • Stainless Steel/ Mild Steel
  • Titanium
  • Copper
laser photonics1500CTHS-side view

CleanTech™ Handheld LPC-1500-CTHS

The CleanTech LPC-1500-CTHS is a single axis handheld laser cleaning, roughing and surface preparation system designed to remove rust, coatings, and almost anything else from a wide variety of surfaces with surgical accuracy.


  • Surface Texturing
  • Anodization Removal
  • Ideal for Cleaning Flat Surfaces
  • Oxide Removal

CleanTech™ Handheld LPC-1500-CTHD

The CleanTech LPC-1500-CTHD is a dual axis fiber laser system that surpasses the capabilities of standard sandblasting and dry-ice blasting while remaining safer, easier to use, and more eco-friendly.


  • Zinc Removal
  • Rust & Corrosion Removal
  • Ideal for Cleaning Most Surfaces
  • Surface Roughing and Conditioning

CleanTech™ Handheld LPC-2000-CTHD

With the LPC-2000-CTHD dual axis fiber laser system, you can clean rust, remove coatings, then easily switch to roughing the surface of nearly any material- using the same handheld laser.


  • Mold release cleaning
  • Shipbuilding industry and Marine Corrosion
  • Gas and oil industries
  • Rust removal, and more

CleanTech™ LPC-3000-CTHD

The LPC-3000-CTHD is the fastest laser system in the CleanTech line. Perfect for cleaning and removing rust, corrosion and other materials from large surface areas or when dealing with tight time constraints.


  • Mold release cleaning
  • Shipbuilding industry and Marine Corrosion
  • Gas and oil industries
  • Rust removal
  • And More

CleanTech™ Laser Blaster Cabinet

The CleanTech Laser Blaster Cabinet system is the only laser cleaning machine in the world that incorporates the exclusive power of a fiber laser with a handheld laser blasting head inside an enclosed 30” x 26” work area.


  • Cosmetic surface conditioning (replaces bead blasting)
  • Customizable with anywhere from a 50-Watt finishing class fiber laser to a 300-Watt conditioning class fiber laser.
  • Selective paint Removal
  • Mold Cleaning
  • Joining pre-treatment, Pre-Welding

CleanTech™ EZ-RIDER

The CleanTech™ EZ-Rider Handheld LPC-M50-M3000 CTH is a high-performance, military-grade, fast, and productive laser cleaning tool.


  • Mold release cleaning
  • Shipbuilding industry and Marine Corrosion
  • Gas and oil industries
  • Rust removal
Cleantech FRED-Robot-400x350 - edited

CleanTech™ Robot

Laser Photonics releases the brand new Industrial Robotic Laser Cleaning System. This is the first commercially available collaborative, easily programmable, Artificial Intelligence capable Laser Cleaning system in the US.


  • Engine parts cleaning
  • Rust removal
  • Industrial molds cleaning
  • Injection molds cleaning

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