MiniGiant Desktop Laser Engraver

Bring High-Quality Laser Marking and Engraving to Your Home or Office

Our desktop laser engravers allow you to create custom laser markings on virtually any surface from the comfort of your home or office. Our state-of-the-art fiber lasers are the ideal solution for branding products with logos, serial numbers, graphics, or barcodes with professional clarity, speed, and accuracy.

Little Giant Laser Engraver

FiberTower Little Giant

The FiberTower™ Little Giant is designed for a small workspace in the home, office, or shop. This system is very lightweight and offers 50,000 hours MTBF – making it virtually maintenance-free. The Little Giant comes equipped with the FiberScan C3™ software package. Simply plug the compact, stand-alone system into any 110V AC outlet and you are in business – producing high-quality marks on production parts.

MiniGiant Desktop Laser Engraver

FiberTower miniGIANT

The Laser Photonics miniGIANT™ evokes a striking and professional appearance. This design concept was developed to bring industrial fiber laser marking capabilities to your home. Its light, portable, user-friendly model can be easily operated by anyone without experience. The MiniGIANT™ is the world’s first affordable Class IV 20 Watt Laser Marking Machine. It is the thinnest laser marking system on the market.