autofocus laser cutting head

Autofocusing Heads for Laser Cutting

Our autofocus head for laser cutting makes it possible to make exact cuts on a wide array of materials by automatically adjusting the focal length to the most suitable position for machining different materials with varying thicknesses. Autofocus lenses eliminate the need for manual calibration and reduce production cost by maximizing the efficiency of your laser cutting machine. Autofocus heads can be purchased as an OEM part or integrated into a custom system built by our in-house engineers upon your request. To inquire more information please contact our sales team, or complete the form below, to be contacted by our laser solutions experts.
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autofocus laser cutting head
autofocus laser cutting head

How Autofocusing Works

To achieve an ideal cut, the focal length between the cutting head and the material being cut needs to be set at an optimal distance to achieve the best results. This distance can change depending on the size, density, and type of material being cut. To streamline this process, Laser Photonics has created a laser cutting head with autofocus capabilities to achieve optimal focal distances every time.

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