This CO2 laser system, the SBM2800, is our solution for precisely cutting fabric, paper, wood, acrylic, foam, and other materials. Designed for industrial-grade applications, the SBM2800 can function independently or get integrated into production lines with custom adjustments such as an automated feed. The system’s expansive flatbed, covering an area of 10.6 x 16 feet, makes it well suited for large-scale projects. 








    Easy To Use


    Businesses looking to integrate advanced laser cutting technology into their production can benefit from consistent results, quick loading and turnaround, reduced material waste, high-quality edges, and minimal distortion. Laser cutting with the SBM2800 is a non-contact, non-hazardous process that only requires a source of power to operate.

    Industries using the SBM2800


    • Date Codes
    • Serial Number
    • Bullet Marking


    • Paint removal, and surface preparation
    • Marking on all automobile parts
    • Coating removal on windshields


    • Direct Parts Marking
    • UID Marking
    • Machine Decontamination

    Battery Manufacturing

    • Battery Cleaning
    • Battery Welding
    • Titanium Oxide Removal

    Technical Specifications

    • Sheet Metal Cutting
    • Custom Engraving
    • UID Marking
    • UDI Marking
    • Barcode Marking
    • Data Plates & Tags
    • Trophy Customization
    • Rubber Stamps
    • Sign Making
    • Wood Etching
    • PET Cutting
    • Sintering
    • Stencil Cutting
    • Aluminum • Plastics
    • Stainless Steel • Acrylic
    • Copper • Fabrics
    • Brass • Leather
    • Graphite • Composites
    • Silicon • Ceramic
    • Rubber • Marble
    • Wood


    System Specifications

    Laser Equipment (Standard): Sealed CO2 Laser

    Laser Power: 400 Watt Pulsed

    Wave Length: 10.6 μm

    Polarization: 45°

    MTBF Of Laser Source:  20,000 hour

    Cooling Systems: External closed loop laser cooling system (stand alone)

    Chilled Water Max input temperature 20° +/- 1° C

    Min input water pressure 2 Bars; 6 lit/min

    Battery Back Up: 1.4 KVA APC ® UPS (For computer Operations)

    Computer: Industrial grade computer

    Cutting Area Size: 120 in x 120 in [3048 mm x 3048 mm]

    Cutting speed: 10-800 mm/s

    Minimum Addressable Resolution: 0.01 mm

    Repeatability: +/- 0.020 mm

    Assist Gas: Nitrogen or Carbon dioxide

    Machine Height: 75.3 in (1913 mm) with safety lights

    Weight: 20,000 lbs (9072 kG)

    Motion system: Direct Drive linear servo motor