CleanTech ez-rider laser cleaning system
laser cleaning and finishing machine

Handheld Roughing & Finishing Laser

The CleanTech™ EZ-Rider Handheld Roughing and Finishing Laser is a high-performance, military-grade, fast, and incredibly productive laser cleaning tool. The EZ-RIDER is based on next-generation DPI technology. Laser Photonics designed the EZ-RIDER to be a heavy-duty Industrial grade laser cleaning and surface treatment system for large areas requiring cleaning, de-painting, and other surface preparations. The system is instantly ready when the key is turned ON. The touch screen allows you to choose from 5 pre-designed cleaning patterns.
The Laser Photonics EZ-RIDER is based on years of experience building handheld lasers for marking and engraving applications. Our systems are designed to be standalone units- no PC needed. The EZ-RIDER Can be coupled with industrial robots and placed inside safety work cells with interlocks for full compliance with OSHA and FDA CDRH regulations.

Support & Training Available to Customers

  • Factory and on-site operator training
  • Advanced customer training
  • Designated customer service engineers
  • Optimal system configuration
  • Inbound Customer Support
  • Advanced application support
  • Notifications of system upgrades
  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Direct Technical Support
  • Engineers log for testing and troubleshooting

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