CleanTech Handheld LPC-300-CTHD

    This conditioning laser, the CleanTech Handheld LPC-300-CTHD, is the ideal tool for surface processing needs in the field. Utilize this mobile system to clean rust and other contaminants off a wide range of materials. Increase the power output and duration for substrate alteration and roughening applications and decrease its power settings to achieve a high-quality fine finish.




    Dual Axis

    Dual Axis





    Laser surface processing does not involve the use of hazardous additives common in other cleaning methods and is the eco-friendly method of choice for sustainability-focused businesses. The CleanTech 300-CTHD is a Class IV laser per safety standards and is designed and tested with safety in mind.

    Industries using the LPC-300-CTHD


    • Date Codes
    • Serial Number
    • Bullet Marking


    • Paint removal, and surface preparation
    • Marking on all automobile parts
    • Coating removal on windshields


    • Marking contaminated tools, parts, and components for Identification
    • Coding, Tracking, and identifying
    • Cutting metal pipes and structures

    Battery Manufacturing

    • Battery Cleaning
    • Battery Welding
    • Titanium Oxide Removal

    Technical Specifications

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    The mobile system is equipped with a scanhead for manual operations and can be used anywhere.
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    Dual Axis

    Two-dimensional laser beam scanning offers greater versatility and speed in processing complex surfaces.
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    A versatile tool for mid-scale projects, this laser is capable of handling both roughening and finishing tasks.
    • Finishing
    • Conditioning
    • Texturing
    • Surface Preparation
    • Paint Stripping
    • Pre-Adhesion Treatment
    • Pre-Weld Preparation
    • Post-Weld Treatment
    • Degreasing
    • Decontamination
    • Corrosion Removal
    • Mold Release
    • Oxide Removal
    • Anodization Removal
    • Aluminum • CFRP
    • Steel • Silicon
    • Copper • Plastics
    • Brass • Thermoplastics
    • Titanium • Composites
    • Nickel • Concrete
    • Chrome • Ceramics
    • Cast Iron • Marble
    • Carbide • & More


    System Specifications

    Model: LPC-300-CTHD

    Strip Rate Per Hour: 36 ft²

    Power Output: 300 W

    Laser Type: Fiber

    Scanner: Dual Axis

    Operation Mode: Pulsed

    Wavelength: 1064 nm 

    Laser Pattern: 5 Presets

    Head Cable Length: 9.8 – 16.4 ft (3 – 5 m)

    Head Weight: 9 lbs

    Size W x H x D: 25 x 42 x 23.8 in (635 x 1066 x 605 mm)

    Temperature: 32 – 104 °F (0 – 40 °C)

    Operational Voltage: 220V | 60Hz | 15A

    Cooling: Air

    Safety Class: IV

    Safety Features: Emergency Stop | Key Switch | Interlocks | Reset | Emission Indicator

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