Laser Photonics OEM Kit with 3D Focusing System for laser cutting, laser marking laser engraving and laser cleaning
Laser Photonics released an exciting new upgrade available to the industrial-grade CO2 and FIBER Laser OEM Kits. The 3D Dynamic Focusing System has all the components of the laser (3D scanner, optics, and controllers) in a compact design and is offered as a premium upgrade to the standard OEM Kits.
The 3D Dynamic Focusing System (3DDFS) removes the operator from the critical and time-consuming step of focusing the laser allowing for 25% faster material processing with higher precision and repeatability.
3D Dynamic Focusing allows the laser machine to dynamically detect the shape and distance of the part, then focus the beam automatically and not rely on manual positioning, mechanical movement or operator programming. Without operator input and mechanical moving parts, the 3D Dynamic Focusing System increases reliability, stability, accurate positioning, and ultra-fast processing speeds.
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Laser Photonics’ OEM Kits are the most advanced, reliable, industrial-grade OEM laser engines available on the market today. The OEM Kits easily integrates directly into an assembly line or custom configuration. OEM Kits are ideal for laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, and laser cleaning.
The i-Series OEM Kit is the FIBER laser option that is available in Q-Switch or CW configuration and offers wattage ranges from 10W to 100W. The i-Series is ideal for cutting, cleaning and marking metals, especially highly reflective metals.
The F-Series OEM Kit is the CO2 laser option that is small enough to mount on a bench, yet powerful enough to cut, weld, scribe or mark most materials. The CO2 and FIBER OEM Kits can be custom configured to your exact application requirements.
Laser Photonics has installed OEM kits in many industries including aerospace, defense, fabrication, automotive, food & beverage, electronics, semiconductor and medical industries.