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Ushering In A Brand New World.

The status quo of current production protocols often endangers specialized laborers (and their lungs) on the plant floors that keep the cogs of industry churning. Moreover, the consumables that fuel our factories pollute the grounds they stand on, and the air we all breathe. Legacy manufacturing methods (like sandblasting or wet chemical processing) often produce negative environmental impacts, generate hazardous fumes, and erode and damage the substrates and materials being processed. Regulatory bodies have taken note, and the time has come for manufacturers to innovate, or pay the price.

Aldous Huxley is by no means the only one to revere Henry Ford’s formulaic approach to mass production. But when he wrote Brave New World in 1931, he was among the first. Though we believe they were somewhat pessimistic… Nearly a century later, Huxley’s predictions about how Ford’s assembly line would transform our society no longer seem so far-fetched. Today, production is lean. Innovation is strong. Industry is mighty. The future is now.

Fortunately, the past century’s productivity in manufacturing has taken businesses’ tech capabilities, and artificial intelligence, leaps and bounds forward. Laser cleaning systems blast away coatings, contaminants and residues with no-contact and non-abrasive use of high energy laser sources. Huxley thought we would genetically engineer the next generation of laborers. Instead, our scientists have manufactured better ones—with superhuman capabilities.

Robotic cleaning systems eliminate concerns for occupational & environmental hazards.

Laser Photonics CleanTech Robot Arm

From decontamination and surface treatment, while simultaneously improving the precision, efficiency and throughput of those processes. Across a myriad of industrial applications, manually-operated systems pale in comparison.

Through a partnership with Universal Robots, Laser Photonics Corporation recently brought an industrial robotic laser cleaner to market. The CleanTech™ Robot (C-Robot) is the first commercially available product line of robotic laser cleaners made in the U.S. These systems bring collaborative manufacturing to the plant floor. The C-Robot safeguards skilled laborers from the more hazardous jobsite tasks and liberates assembly lines from the bane of LEAN manufacturing: human error. The technology behind the C-Robot allows operators with minimal programming experience to quickly set up and easily operate them with intuitive, 3D visualization.

This collaborative robot is also artificial intelligence (AI) capable. C-Robots upgraded with AI and fitted with optional 3D scanner and vision systems transform their capabilities into functional employees that complete tasks with accuracy and precision exceeding the proficiency of their human counterparts. The C-Robot’s AI capabilities can also automate virtually any manual surface treatment and decontamination tasks. They deliver high-quality cleaning results without supervision, both in surface integrity parameters and visual appearance, while maintaining high speed and throughput.

With pride and excellence, Laser Photonics and Universal Robots are making a positive impact. Our CleanTech™ systems are healthier for workers and kind to the environment. Interested in ushering your facilities into a Brave New World of production capabilities? Click here to learn more about incorporating automated cleaning systems into your assembly line.

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