robot arm in car factory

Laser use in automotive manufacturing dates back to Ford Motor Company in the mid-’70s. Lasers were initially used in underbody welding in an assembly line. Today, lasers are used in nearly every facet of the automotive industry, but there are some processes that are still labor and time-intensive that Laser Photonics aims to upgrade.

Beyond metal cutting and welding, auto manufacturers are upgrading to laser cutting for vehicle sealing, custom luxury seats, interior components, airbags, and perforating fabric. In this modern industrial age, there are still delays caused by inefficient and outdated processes in production lines. Outfitting a laser to a gantry arm is not going to fix anything. By partnering with our customers, we have developed and customized a true, future-proof solution that fits their needs and budgets.

robot arm in car factory

Laser Photonics has automaker clients who aren’t just looking for a new machine, they are searching for innovative, time-reducing, and cost-saving solutions to bottle-necked, manual processes. It’s not just the big automotive giants, but part suppliers too. Recently, part manufacturers to Tesla Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and BMW called on our laser expertise to update their factories and optimize their production line.

The ability to easily integrate laser systems with existing robots is also particularly attractive to the automotive industry. This allows their capital investment to remain relatively low while providing versatility and redeployment for future needs. Our goal is to provide manufacturing customers with a faster, safer method of cutting, engraving, marking, and cleaning that can be repeated and operated 24/7. Solutions that will reduce operating costs and generate ROI by fulfilling more orders – faster.

Automotive Laser Application

Why upgrade underperforming equipment to innovative laser systems from Laser Photonics?

  1. Reduce the cost of operation: low power consumption limited to no maintenance
  2. Unmatchable speed, accuracy, and precision
  3. Ability to easily cut almost any material – especially highly reflective metals
  4. No additional learning curve – CNC controls with G-Code programming
  5. Longest lasting lasers of any type
  6. Expandable: from 2” x 2”, robot arms, 6’ x12’ large format table to custom sizes
  7. Safe, easy to operate, and 24/7 365 operating longevity

What else can our lasers do?

  • Marking on all automobile parts
  • Kiss cutting vinyl finish for dashboards
  • Selective anti-reflective coating removal on windshields
  • Laser welding for car bodies
  • Laser Cutting metals and other materials
  • Laser Cleaning, paint removal, and surface prep
Laser Photonics Corporation

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Laser Photonics Corporation, based in Orlando, Florida, is the leading industrial company in high-tech laser systems for laser cleaning, laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving, 3D printing, and other materials processing applications. Our systems are—currently and historically—used by manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, maritime, and medical industries around the world. The Laser Photonics brand is associated with a number of worldwide licenses and patents for innovative and unique laser products and technologies. The brand has, for over three decades, been the workhorse of industry-standard laser subtractive manufacturing.

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