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WeldTech™ Laser Welding Systems

A laser welding system uses a laser beam as a heat source to join metals or thermoplastics. It can produce narrow, deep welds with high precision and speed, especially in thin materials. It can also weld different or difficult metals and micro devices.


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WeldTech LPC-1500-LWS

The WeldTech LPC-1500-LWS Laser Welding System is a 1500 watt high-performance, maintenance-free advanced laser welding machine.


  • Automotive industry: Used to weld automotive parts such as roof, door or filter assemblies together. It boosts productivity at a low cost.
  • Steel construction: Used to join steel sheets and profiles in the construction of bridges, buildings, and other structures.
  • Shipbuilding: Used to join steel plates and pipes in the construction of ships
  • Aerospace industry: Used to join aircraft parts such as engine components, fuel tanks, and landing gear.