laser rust removal

Rust Removal from Steel I-Beam with the CleanTech™ Handheld Roughing Laser

This video demonstrates Laser Photonics Corporation's CleanTech™ Roughing-Class LPC 2000-CTH ...
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Laser Blaster Matching Chart

How to Choose the Right Laser Blaster for You

Almost every laser manufacturer in the market categorizes their laser ...
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laser cleaning zinc from galvanized aluminum

Laser Cleaning Zinc from Galvanized Aluminum

This video demonstrates the CleanTech™ LPC-200CTH Handheld Finishing Laser capabilities ...
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laser cleaning aluminum

How to Clean Corrosion from Molds video demonstrates the CleanTech™ LPC-200CTHHandheld Finishing Laser's cleaning capabilities ...
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200 vs 2000 watt laser

200 VS 2,000 Watt Laser Cleaning

This demonstration shows the capabilities of the 200W and 2000W ...
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How to Remove Rust from Bolts with a Laser

How to Remove Rust from Bolts with a Laser

The LPC-200CTH laser cleaning machine makes cleaning rust quick and ...
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laser markers

Laser Marking & Engraving Applications

See the different applications that can be achieved with a ...
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Removing Rust With a 200W Handheld Laser

Removing Rust With a 200W Handheld Laser video demonstrates the CleanTech™ LPC-200CTH Handheld removing rust from a bell ...
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Laser Cleaning for the Food Industry

How To Clean A Baking Tray with a Laser

See how fast a steel baking tray can be cleaned ...
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Laser Ablation for Ship Maintenance

Laser Ablation for Ship Maintenance

Will Laser Ablation Testing By The Navy Be A Success? ...
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how will lasers support space travel

How Will Lasers Support Space Travel

How A Laser Marking Machine From Laser Photonics Can Help ...
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charging an electric car

Lasers help auto industry take charge in electric vehicle battery production

2021 Is the Year of the Electric Vehicle Electric vehicles ...
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How much does Sandblasting Cost?

Photo by Rezli on Unsplash Comparing the Costs of Sandblasting ...
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laser cleaning rust with 2000W laser

Removing Rust from Steel with a 2kW Handheld Laser

Sample demonstration with the 2000W CleanTech™ Handheld This video demonstrates ...
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cutting glass with a laser

What is Zero-Width Laser Cutting Technology?

Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™ is a method and process ...
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200 watt handheld laser cleaning machine

Cleaning Steel with the 200W CleanTech™ Handheld

Sample demonstration with the 200W CleanTech™ Handheld This video demonstrates ...
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desktop laser engraving machine

What is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Lasers?

Every laser manufacturer on the market makes claims about whether ...
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why laser blasting is better than sandblasting

How will a Dry Ice Shortage Impact Your Business?

Time to Trade Dry Ice Blasting for Laser Cleaning in ...
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lasers for the shipbuilding industry photo

The US Navy’s War on Rust

Laser Photonics Poised to Supply US Navy in its Ongoing ...
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robot arm in car factory

Robotic Lasers

Ushering In A Brand New World. The status quo of ...
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Product Updates

laser rust removal

Removing Weld Marks With a 100w Handheld Laser

Welding is an imperative part of most manufacturing processes. However, cleaning weld marks from contact points after the welding is ...
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Laser Photonics OEM Kit with 3D Focusing System for laser cutting, laser marking laser engraving and laser cleaning

3D Dynamic Focusing System Announced for C02 and Fiber Laser OEM Kits

Laser Photonics released an exciting new upgrade available to the industrial-grade CO2 and FIBER Laser OEM Kits. The 3D Dynamic Focusing System has ...
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New Portable Handheld Laser Marking Machine Announced

Laser Photonics announces the newest model of the Handheld MarkStarPro. Smaller and lightweight design with all cables enclosed plus the versatility, high performance, and rugged portability of our Handheld Series ...
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lasers in the automotive industry

Lasers in Automotive Industry : Application Newsletter

Application Newsletter: Lasers in Automotive Industry Using Laser Cutting in the Auto Industry - an Applications Newsletter Laser use in ...
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Hitting The Mark For Heavy Equipment Etching and Marking

Do you have heavy equipment or assets in the field that need to be marked? Are parts too big for ...
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Laser Marking Systems for Ballistics Identification Applications

Controversial microstamping identification requirements now achievable via advanced laser marking and engraving systems LAKE MARY, FL, April 3, 2016 – ...
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Laser Marking Systems for Circumferential Marking Applications

Latest System is Economical & Efficient Compared to Dot Peen or Inkjet Marking Orlando, FL, March 21, 2016 – Laser ...
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Media Releases

CleanTech ez-rider laser cleaning system

Laser Photonics says its latest offering could help Navy win its war on rust

Written December 10, 2020, by Marine Log: Orlando, Fla., based Laser Photonics Corporation believes that the next generation of its ...
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Write off up to $1 million with Section 179

Time is running out to claim your 2020 deduction. Orlando, FL: The New Year is quickly approaching, along with plenty ...
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laser systems for united states military ships

New Legislation Aimed at American Shipbuilders

At the end of October, US Senator Tammy Baldwin (WI) reintroduced the “Made in America Shipbuilding Act” (S. 4687). Her ...
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naval ship at sea

The Solution To The Battle Against Rust

A billion dollar problem with an affordable and seamless solution The Los Angeles Times wrote about the problem our Navy ...
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Laser Photonics Introduces the CleanTech™ 2000-CTH JobSite

Orlando, FL— Jan 19, 2020 — Our team is constantly addressing industry challenges and crafting laser-based solutions. Based on this ...
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New CleanTech LPC-200CTH Cleaning Tool Offers Non-Abrasive Cleaning Process

Laser Photonics has been featured in a Thomas Net press release for their cleaning equipment. Press Release Summary: The CleanTech Handheld ...
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Additive Manufacturing: 3DF150 Product Release

Laser Photonics is featured in Today's Medical Developments with their 3D Metal Printer model 3DF150 used for additive manufacturing. Press Release ...
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Testimonial from NASA

Testimonial from NASA Goddard High Energy Cosmic Ray Group “We recently tested a Laser Photonics LN120C laser that had sat ...
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Kel-Tec Testimonial

Kel-Tec Weapons Testimonial

Firearm Manufacturer "The laser machine is working perfectly and getting acquainted with the new system. Thanks again for helping us ...
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Gables Engineering

Gables Engineering Customer Testimonial

Gables Engineering is an aviation & aerospace firm specializing in avionics control equipment. "Product marking applications are often done using dated ...
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Corporate News

Laser Cleaning Promotional Budget by Laser Photonics Corp

Laser Photonics Corporation, the industry leader in developing high-tech laser systems, announced today that, together with its partners, it is ...
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Opportunity Knocks at Laser Photonics Corp.’s Laser Cleaning Door

Handheld laser cleaners are ideal for removing rust from auto parts and tools, as well as removing contamination and cleaning ...
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laser cutting tax breaks

Tax Cuts and Fiber Lasers – Your Opportunity is Here!

Opportunity is knocking! The passage of the tax bill in December has created a once in a generation opportunity that ...
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New Facility Announcement

New Facility Announcement | 07/22/2016 We are pleased to announce to its shareholders that we are in the process of relocation ...
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Message to Our Customers

For more than ten years we have valued having you as a customer. In that time, customers have often told ...
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Aviation Week MRO Americas 2021

MRO Convention 2021

ORLANDO, FL, April 9, 2021– Laser Photonics Corporation today announced that senior management will be presenting at the MRO Americas International ...
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