LP releases the brand new Industrial Robotic Laser Cleaning System. This is the first commercially available collaborative, easily programmable, Artificial Intelligence capable Laser Cleaning system in the US.
Due to precise positioning and tight focusing of the laser beam, Laser Cleaning processes are optimized for much smaller laser powers than used by handheld laser cleaners. It allows the dramatic cost reduction and makes it affordable for the majority of industrial businesses.`
While maintaining high speed and throughput it produces high-quality cleaning results, both in surface integrity parameters and visual appearance, impossible to achieve by manual operation of handheld machines.
It eliminated concerns over human hazard and eye safety, while acting as additional loyal employee capable of fulfilling multiple tasks at the same time: Cleaning Operator, QC Inspector, Engineering Programmer and Process Engineer (Have to be equipped with AI module, 3D scanner and Visualizer, Vision system, Class 1 Safety shroud or enclosure).

  We Offer Our Customers…
  • Factory and on-site operator training
  • Advanced customer training
  • Designated customer service engineers
  • Optimal system configuration
  • Inbound Customer Support
  • Advanced application support
  • Notifications of System Upgrades
  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Direct Technical Support
  • Engineers log in for testing/troubleshooting
  • Saves money—the Titan consumes less than 5% of the power required by conventional C02 laser systems
  • Cuts highly-reflective metal
  • Direct Drive Motion System—the cutting head moves with the highest possible acceleration and smoothness, reducing stress and vibration on the carriage frame and lowering maintenance requirements.
  • Integrated laser and cooling system, only requiring a single connection point for electricity, air, and factory water
  • Adaptive thick-to-thin beam shaping adjusts dynamically to metal thickness
  • Large-format, up to 7’ x 13’ (larger custom sizes available)
  • Maintenance-free, requires no consumables
  • Upgrade your Titan laser wattage in the field
  • Industrial-grade reliability: 100,000 hours MTBF
  • Reduced installation costs, no need to pour concrete
  • Software-controlled orthogonality, calibrated to the user’s specifications
  • Adaptive thick-to-thin beam shaping adjusts dynamically to metal thickness
  • Engine parts cleaning
  • Rust removal
  • Industrial molds cleaning
  • Injection molds cleaning
  • Car Rims de-painting
  • Brake pad material cleaning
  • Paint removal
  • Tire Mold Cleaning
  • Ink removal from Anilox printing rolls
  • Vacuum jigs cleaning and Coating removal
  • Degreasing and surface contamination removing before painting


The following models currently available: C-3, C-5, C-10


Get your own QC inspector for quality assurance of the final laser cleaning job with AI functionality, and reduce Laser power, otherwise used by Hand Held units. Get your ROI down to 1-2 years.

More Features: Laser Cleaning C-Robot


C-Robot Programming technology lets operators with no programming experience quickly set up and operates our C-Robots with intuitive, 3D visualization. Simply move the robot arm to desired waypoints or touch the arrow keys on the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet. The C-Robot is able to re-use programs for recurrent tasks.

Upgrade to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and create 3D model of your part. C-Robot will do the rest.


Don’t be limited by dedicated robotics. Add AI, 3D Laser Scanner, Vision System and convert C-Robot into another loyal employee, Let him make challenging decisions on Motion, Laser Cleaning strategy, Laser Beam Profile use on each step of cleaning process. Moving the C-Robot to new processes is fast and easy, giving you the agility to automate almost any manual cleaning task, including those with small batches or fast change-overs.


Laser Photonics C-Robot set-up time is a matter of hours. The average set-up time reported by our customers is only half a day. The out-of-box experience for an untrained operator to unpack the C-Robot, mount it, and program the first cleaning job is typically less than two hours.


Now you can quality of laser cleaning by replacing human operators in dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs to reduce vision loss dangers and accidental injuries. Add Laser safety guarding, and have human operators isolated from harmful motion and laser radiation.

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