Cobra Laser Cutting Robot

The Fiber Laser Cutting & Welding Robotic System is a state of the art robot designed for high precision specifications and is particularly suitable for laser applications and the welding of components. It is a six-axis industrial robot with articulated kinematics for all continuous­path controlled tasks. The Fiber Laser Cutting & Welding Robotic System specializes in MIG/MAG welding. They have a high path accuracy and very good positioning behavior due to a special calibration procedure carried out by the manufacturer. The robot consists of a fixed base frame, on which the rotating column turns about a vertical axis together with the link, arm and wrist.

We Offer Our Customers…
  • Factory and on-site operator training
  • Advanced customer training
  • Designated customer service engineers
  • Optimal system configuration
  • Inbound Customer Support
  • Advanced application support
  • Notifications of System Upgrades
  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Direct Technical Support
  • Engineers log in for testing/troubleshooting

• Cost-effective lightweight construction of main body
(cast light alloy)
• Specifically designed for laser welding
• High torsional and flexural rigidity
• Joints and gears are virtually free of backlash
• Lifetime lubricated main axes (oil change is necessary after 20,000 operating hours)
• Components are intentionally simple and straightforward configuration
• Overhead motion is possible
• Minimal maintenance requirements
• Occupies very little floor space
• Average service life of 1 O to 15 years
• User-friendly and compact controller
• Conforms to all safety standards (EU and EN 775)
• All moving parts are covered

Follow the link to download pdf file with systems specifications:

Cobra Cutting Robotic Arm

  • Single or Dual Head Configuration
  • Optional Dual Head master-slave configuration
  • 2 units of Fiber Lasers configured for Dual head operation
  • 3D package for focal distance alignment without mechanical Z-axis
  • Master/ Slave configuration or both heads works independently from each other

• Cutting, Marking & Deep Engraving
• High-speed sheet metal cutting
• Automotive frames cutting/welding
• Coated & Plated Metals
• Anodized Aluminum
• Stainless Steel
• Bia nk cutting
• Plate cutting
• Alloy Metals
• Composites
• Aluminum
• Mild Steel
• Titanium
• Graphite
• Copper
• And More

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