A Guide To MOPA Fiber Lasers

Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA)

MOPA-PV Series is a family of diode-pumped
pulsed fiber lasers, which have been specifically designed to address laser
manufacturing requirements for solar cell production. More specifically, laser
scribing via ablation of the transparent conducting oxide (TCO) layer in the
P1 stage of the thin film solar panel patterning process.

Multiwave´s MOPA-PV Series is optimized for shorter pulse operation to
reduce micro-cracking and HAZ, and provides an excellent combination of
high pulse energy and high peak power for P1 scribing. Laser pulses can
be generated at pulse repetition frequencies set by the user anywhere from
single-shot to 500 kHz, and the excellent beam quality with


. M2 ≈ 1.3
allows the Gaussian beam to focus to spot sizes with diameter < 30 μm.

Multiwave’s MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) architecture allows pulse
shape control, triggering, gating, equalization, ASE suppression and residual
laser emission well beyond fiber-based Q-switched laser designs. The beam
quality rivals the performance offered by sophisticated DPSS solid state
lasers and, unlike DPSS lasers, it is not limited to a narrow operating range.

The lasers are air cooled and are offered either as a compact OEM module or
as a fully integrated IEC/CDRH compliant system incorporating an integrated
power supply and control unit for easy laser installation and control. An even
more compact conductively cooled version, without fans, is also available.

• Short pulses (< 30 ns) reduces HAZ and microcracking
• High combined pulse energy and peak power optimized for P1 scribing, a
process with high pulse peak power threshold
• High beam quality (


. M2 ≈ 1.3) allows the Gaussian beam to focus to
spot sizes with diameter < 30 μm
• High pulse frequency to 500 kHz (from single-shot) for higher throughput
• Pulse equalization of pulse energy ensures pulse-to-pulse repeatability
which leads to consistent and precise scribe widths and depths


all-fiber design uses long-life single emitter diodes
(>200,000 hr life)
• Lower capital and operating cost as compared to solid-state diode-pumped

Laser Safety