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How Laser Systems Work

Laser surface cleaning systems work by aiming a powerful high-pulsed laser at a rusted, painted or coated surface. This energy disintegrates existing contaminates and effectively removes them from the substrate. It doesn’t continue to burn away the solid surface underneath because, especially in the infrared, metals reflect light very well. What’s left is a clean and weldable surface.

Why Use Laser Systems Over Other Cleaning and Removal Methods

Selective, precise stripping off layers. Laser, unlike sandblasting, is selective, making it easy to focus on a very small spot or strip with no effect on adjacent materials.

No damage to the substrate. The removal of degraded or coated layer affects only a few microns and the materials absorb the radiation according to their color; making laser cleaners a precise and specific process that can preserve base materials.

Elimination of environmental issues. Because the laser cleaning system does not require the use of chemicals or abrasive materials, there are no grinding fumes to breathe or contaminate the area; and no hazardous chemicals to dispose of.

Faster, more cost-efficient procedure. Laser cleaning systems provide the lowest operating cost of all industrial cleaning methods. Lasers are many times faster than the use of chemicals, lowering labor costs. Large material and disposal costs are eliminated because the laser leaves no waste or debris. Often returns on the investment can be seen in less than a year.

Finding The Right Laser Cleaning System For You

While there are a variety of systems currently on the market, most systems use a statically positioned Galvo scan head. This approach limits the laser cleaning ability to only the static path of the trajectory beam with an F-theta lens, therefore making it difficult to achieve 100% effectiveness in removing rust, paint, and other surface materials in difficult to reach areas.

As an analogy, imagine the sun and the direction of its rays hitting an object at noon. The sun’s rays either hit the object directly over the top or depending on the object’s angle from the sun, it will hit the side of the object that is exposed to the sun’s rays thereby leaving the other areas unaffected. Furthermore, many systems fail to implement efficiency at preventing accidental exposure to excess laser radiation.

Cleantech Product Line Addressing Laser Cleaning Issues

Product Line:

Made in America, the industry-leading Laser Photonics’ CleanTech product line is the answer in safely and efficiently removing and cleaning surfaces with impressive results. The industrial-grade Class I systems include the CleanTech Titan Series, ClenTech Laser Tower Systems Desktop, Compact, XP Pro, CM, RT, Megacenter and from the Hand Held Series comes the CleanTech LPC-50-2Kw-CTH Handheld.


Floor Space Options:

The CleanTech Laser Tower systems are available as a standalone or can easily be integrated into a production line, while the CleanTech Handheld which is a portable unit, making it useful in the field or on the factory floor.


High Volume, High Powered Cleaning:

The CleanTech Titan Series Laser Cleaning System is a high power, large format laser parts cleaning, rust removal and surface conditioning system with up to 6′ x12′ working envelope. The CleanTech Titan Series includes the Titan Express, Titan 4’ x 8’, Titan 5’ x 10’ and Titan 6’ x 12’. The industrial, turn-key laser cleaning system operates as a stand-alone unit or easily integrated into a production line environment.



The large format allows for applications such as cleaning automotive tire rims, mold cleaning, phalanges for the oil and gas industry, or even sheets for a hull. CleanTech laser systems offer a non-abrasive cleaning system that is safer, easier, and more eco-friendly than traditional methods of surface cleaning. Incorporating proprietary Flexion Technology allows the CleanTech systems to clean materials more quickly and more fully than other systems on the market.

Some of the features and benefits of the CleanTech Titan include a direct drive motion system, high power low energy fiber laser, and industrial-grade reliability with an MTBF of 100,000 hours.



Safety Advantages
CleanTech is a Class 4 laser as designated by the CDRH and meets the full requirements for a stand-alone laser system as defined by 21 CFR 1040.10 under the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968. As an added level of security, a redundantly switched safety interlock system helps prevent accidental exposure to excess laser radiation. Plus, the system is equipped with an electrical power manual reset, a key-locked laser power switch and a remote interlock connector. There is an exhaust outlet for the Fume Extractor, powder coating for industrial durability which provides excellent protection for laser radiation according to CDRH requirements, and a Class 4 operator safe yellow transparent laser rated acrylic viewing port for visualization of lasing processes and easier alignment. Finally, the system has audible and visible emission indicators with five (5) second emission delay settings.


By further expanding our line of laser material processing systems, Laser Photonics creates opportunities for all-sized businesses to take advantage of the most advanced, safe and environmentally-friendly laser cleaning system equipment available.


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