fantom G3 glass cutting laser
laser glass scribing

Glass Cutting Laser

The Fantom G3 Glass Scribing Laser utilizes the latest laser technology for glass scribing and is equipped with an integrated Laser Photonics laser source specifically geared for processing glass panels for the Flat Panel Display Industry.

The Fantom G3 Laser Scribing tool is a part of a new line of industrial laser cutting systems from Laser Photonics. It incorporates a new generation modular design laser and precision direct drive high-resolution linear motion system forming a precision, stand-alone, small footprint, an automatic tool that can be easily integrated into an inline system.

The system is based on Zero Width Laser Cutting Technoloy® (ZWLCT®). This method splits materials at the molecular level with tremendous speed, no material loss, and no chips or other debris associated with conventional scribe and breaking techniques.


  • Capable of scribing glass panels for up to Generation 3 sizes (600mm x 720mm).
  • Capable of scribing on any type of display glass (except quartz) without realignments.
  • An extremely stable singulation line ensures the highest possible edge quality.
  • No chipping and no glass particles generated


  • Extreme accuracy – up to 10 microns achievable.
  • Non-dimensional cut lines produced with no residue.
  • Built-in modular (easy to replace) power supply, amplifiers, PC control, and high-voltage electronics.
  • ZWLCT® – Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology® produces no particulates or material loss.


  • Color Filters
  • FPD (Flat Panel Display) Manufacturing.
  • Smaller Touch Screens.
  • Precision Glass Fabrication.
  • Micro displays.
  • Microscope Slides and Covers.

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