i-Series Fiber Laser Marking Kit is a great solution for quick and easy installation into any marking or engraving system. Digital Marking head controller capable of operating with or without supervising computer, and pre-installed into i-Series Fiber Laser unit. Computer is connected to the unit with the USB cable. In “No PC” operation, marking pattern is stored on the 32 Mb multimedia memory card.
i-Series Fiber Laser Marking Kit is consist of:
• 20W CW i-Series fiber laser unit with integrated scanning head controller. It includes:
o Fiber laser, 3m fiber cable and output collimator with optical isolator
o Red guide laser for easy install and align
o Digital DSP card can work with or without supervising PC.
o Power supply for fiber laser
o Power supply for scanning head
o Power supply for scanning card and other internal logic controls
• Scanning head Dual Fast™ with digital interface;
• 160mm F-Theta lens objective with adapter;
• Set of external connection cables;
• Set of hardware fixtures for secure joining and fixing scanning head and laser output collimator
• CD with marking software and documentation.