cleantech laser cleaning systems
CleanTech™ Class I Laser Systems

Class I laser products contain more powerful, higher class lasers that need to be enclosed to make them safe. Our Class I lasers are installed in an enclosure, with safety viewing glass, and safety interlock features.


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TitanFX Laser Cutting Machine

CleanTech™ Titan FX

The CleanTech Titan FX is a high-power, large format laser designed for cleaning, rust removal, and surface conditioning on large and heavy pieces.


  • Designed for industrial applications
  • Used for cleaning, rust removal, and surface conditioning
  • Up to 7′ x 13′ processing area
cleantech titan express

CleanTech™ Titan Express

Mid-Size – Powerful – Complete. The CleanTech Titan Express Laser Cleaning Machine is a high-power fiber laser for cleaning and surface conditioning.


  • Rust and paint removal, and casting mold cleaning
  • Used for cleaning and surface conditioning
  • Up to 4′ x 4′ working envelope
  • Class IV Fiber Laser

CleanTech™ Laser Blaster Cabinet

The CleanTech Laser Blaster Cabinet system is the only laser cleaning machine in the world that incorporates the exclusive power of a fiber laser with a handheld laser blasting head inside an enclosed 30” x 26” work area.


  • Cosmetic surface conditioning (replaces bead blasting)
  • Customizable with anywhere from a 50-Watt finishing class fiber laser to a 300-Watt conditioning class fiber laser.
  • Selective paint Removal
  • Mold Cleaning
  • Joining pre-treatment, Pre-Welding
large format laser cleaning machine

CleanTech™ MegaCenter

The CleanTech™ Megacenter Laser Cleaning System is an Industrial-Grade Laser parts cleaning, rust removal and surface conditioning system


  • Industrial-Grade Laser System
  • Used for parts cleaning, rust removal and surface conditioning system
  • Operates as a standalone unit or can easily be integrated into a production line environment