Compliance has its challenges. Firearms manufacturers are working diligently to comply with the various handgun and ammunition marking laws from various states, government agencies, and the UN. In order to comply, many manufacturers have to upgrade and overhaul factory lines to include the mandated lasers. Gun manufacturers, such as Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co, are so concerned about the potential costs that they have announced their intent to not sell new semiautomatic handguns in California – and any other state with similar laws. Firearm manufacturers are looking for an economical and proven system to become compliant and reduce the cost burden to firearm consumers.

Laser Photonics has laser marking and engraving systems that satisfy the state, federal and international requirements with the added benefit of reducing the costs of upgrading to a laser marking system. We developed our laser systems to be compatible with existing production, lower costs of operations, easy to operate, and offer additional features unique to firearm manufacturers. Our specialized laser engraving and marking systems have proven to be effective in the firearm manufacturing, ammunition, and weapons accessory industries.

Microstamping: Laser Photonics advanced laser technology supports a variety of microstamping applications for firearms, and is particularly effective at microstamping, marking, and engraving highly-reflective metal surfaces, including all metals used in firearm construction. When compared to contemporary CO2 laser technology of equal wattage, Laser Photonics’ laser technology is 3X faster when processing steel, 5X to 10X longer lifespan, and less than 5% the consumption. Additionally, the Laser Photonics laser is maintenance-free and requires no consumables. Laser Photonics microstamping system is a compliance solution for California Law HR 3458 California was the first state to introduce microstamping into law with Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Washington DC to follow. More states throughout the United States are reviewing microstamping and other ballistic marking laws.

Laser Photonics also offers a green laser “cold laser” system that will produce microstamping and provide higher quality marks without damaging the surface material or delicate components.

Engraving and marking: Laser Photonics has many solutions for firearm manufacturers – including Laser marking, engraving, and cutting systems for microstamping, weapons marking, and manufacturing. Contact us to see what system is right for your manufacturing needs.

LaserTower Bulletmaster™ is an industrial-grade 3D marking and engraving system is designed to create unique ID codes to allow traceability to the individual ammunition purchase. The BulletMaster’s proprietary software is designed to specifically serialize, embed service marks or logos, or UDI/UID barcodes to a large variety of weapon ammunition, such as bullet cartridges, missiles, bombshells, mines, etc. The BulletMaster complies with the NATO Standard Agreement (STANAG) 2310, 2329, 4090, 4172, and 4383. Watch the video of the Bulletmaster in action.

LaserTower Megacenter™ features the latest generation fiber lasers and material processing systems for laser marking, UID marking, and deep engraving. It is an advanced, compact, industrial-grade fiber laser marking and engraving machine perfectly suited for firearm and ammunition manufacturers.

MarkStarPro™ Handheld Laser Marking System features all the power of our marking and engraving systems in a rugged, portable system. The MarkStar is ideal for marking firearms, munitions and assets that are too large or not feasible to be marked inside a traditional, fixed location laser system.

For more information on ammunition microstamping, see our blog articles on “Laser Marking for Microstamping and Ballistics Identification” and “Best Practices in Weapons Marking, Etching, and Engraving” or contact Laser Photonics for additional details.

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