Laser Photonics, the innovator in fiber laser marking and engraving machines, just announced a new technology advancement to the powerful and versatile LaserTower™ Series. Laser Photonics will incorporate an Autofocusing System as a premium upgrade in its LaserTower Series.
The Autofocusing System eliminates the time-consuming manual adjustment or technical programming of the Z-axis – while making the operation exceedingly easy. The Autofocusing System feature gives you increased precision and productivity on every marking and engraving project. The system upgrade is available in the LaserTower Series of laser marking and engraving machines, starting in early 2018.
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The LaserTower Series laser marking and engraving machines are industrial grades, cutting edge systems that process the largest range of materials in the industry. LaserTower systems are available in CO2 and high power fiber laser configurations.
The LaserTower Series includes the LaserTower Compact, LaserTower Professional, LaserTower CM with Circumferential marking, LaserTower RT with Round Table, LaserTower DUO with both fiber laser and CO2 laser and the LaserTower Megacenter with Zero Friction Direct Drive System and the LaserTower Canyon 3D deep engraving laser machine.
The LaserTower Series laser marking and laser engraving machines are ideal for marking and engraving applications such as…
  • Laser Engraving & Marking Firearms & Weapons
  • Marking & Engraving Automotive Parts
  • Laser Marking ID Cards & Mobile Devices
  • Jewelry Laser Engraving
  • Medical Devices & Implants for FDA Compliance
  • Electronics and Industrial Component Marking
  • Defense and Aerospace Direct Parts Marking
  • Laser Engraving Logos and Brand Marking
  • Laser Marking Barcoding and Serial Marking