3D Laser Metal Printing Applications

LP Corporation’s greatest strength in 3D metal printing systems remains its cultural flexibility to design application specific systems using a system vs application bottom’s up approach matching the dynamics of the application to our portfolio of build-block technologies including 3D print methodologies, software design/laser processing strategies, advance additive manufacturing laser technology and NANO-powder expertise. During the system design review stage, LP Corporation’s team of scientist select the most suitable portfolio of options matched to the application in terms of accuracy, metal composition, body material density and integrity, internal geometry, oxide content, desired throughput, product shape and dimensions. The XYZ build plate and overall system architectural strategy is designed to support the manufacturing mode of the application (prototype, mold or small-to-large volume applications) in terms of object size, throughput rate and forecasted volumes.

Typical Applications:

  • Fabrication of metal molds with sophisticated internal structures
  • Functional and market testing of quality production prototypes
  • Manufacturing of highly complex geometries
  • Manufacturing of customized or individually fitted complex metal parts utilizing specialized NANO powder (replacement joints, aero foils, emergency replacement parts)
  • Entrance into a new generation of 3D warfare and detonation devices manufacturing for both military and civil purposes

Tooling inserts featuring conformal cooling channels to lightweight structures for aerospace, applications include turbine blades, aircraft frames & structures, jet engines, fuel systems, guide vanes & other reduce weight components contributing to lighter aircrafts reducing fuel consumption. Laser Photonics BTS large build-plate technology expands applications to include turbine rings with diameters out to 1.5 meters and long structures & frames out to 3 meters.

automobile partsHighly complex parts previously unrealizable through traditional means now allow automotive designers to improve automotive efficiencies and reduce part counts while eliminating tooling cost leading to more fuel efficient vehicles. From aero foils to lightweight devices with comprehensive and intricate internal structures, 3D Laser Metal Printing significantly reduces the constraints on designers in the aerospace industry. 3D Laser Metal Printing helps to open the horizons in design, lead times, and tooling costs allowing the creation of structures not previously imaginable. With LP Corporation’s highly-automated based direct drive motion system technology, automotive engine blocks are now possible to metal print.

From maintenance centers, naval ships, to military outposts, 3D metal printing systems are changing the entire fleet management workflow from maintaining huge inventories to quick printing replacement parts on demand. Metal printing is having a profound affect on next-generation capabilities of our soldiers including battlefield armor, special purpose ballistic munitions, and weapons. BTS technology allows replacing 100’s of warhead components to only a few achieving intricate designs to control explosion pattern, blast direction, and other special purpose components for mission specific applications.

From tooling inserts featuring conformal cooling channels to lightweight structures for challenging and critical high technology applications, 3D Laser Metal Printing significantly reduces the constraints on designers. This design freedom results in optimized structures and shapes that would otherwise be constrained by conventional processes or the tooling requirements of large volume production. 3D Laser Metal Printing helps to reduce lead times, reduce tooling costs and permits the creation of designs not previously possible.

Private companies, NASA and other groups are developing new concepts to launch 3D printing into the final frontier. Long-term missions benefit greatly from having onboard manufacturing capabilities reducing the need to maintain costly inventory on the International Space Station and future spacecrafts.. Space colonies would be self-sufficient with the capabilities to manufacture spare parts/tools. BTS technology opens the door to metal printing larger rocket, missile, and propulsion based components and subassemblies.

Patient specific implants featuring hybrid structures and textures unlock manufacturing capabilities that combine free-form shapes and intricate lattice structures improving Osseo integration leading to much improved patient outcomes. BTS technology optimized for biocompatible metal powders like titanium target specific surface properties that generate expected responses from neighboring cells and tissue of orthopedic implants, such as hip, knee and spinal devices.

Dental 3D Printer

Large Format 3D Printer

BTS Laser Printer

War Head Metal Printer

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Jet Engine Housing Large Format Printer

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Gaseous metals hi tech ultra-precision 3D metal printer

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Application Training

To gain maximum benefit from your investment in additive manufacturing, hermetic laser sintering casting and injection molding technologies from LP Corporation, comprehensive training programs are available, tailored to the exact needs and experience levels of users.In addition, LP Corporation periodically organizes user group forums where users can share experiences, gather new information on developments and contribute to shaping our technologies for the future.

For more information please contact the additive manufacturing team to discuss training options and upcoming events for users.

Design Consultation

From standard models to customized 3D Printing Systems, we consult directly with our customers to optimize each 3D Printer to meet their unique requirements targeting maximum performance for specialized designs, parts and other unique applications. Our discussions allow our customers to minimize nano powder consumption, reduce inert gas consumption, optimize throughput verses surface roughness, minimize powder residue in the process chamber, define optimal laser power requirements and reduce system costs in relation to customer applications.

Premium Experience

Combined with our extensive experience of integrating Vision Systems into laser equipment, and our 3D deep engraving capabilities experience with submicron accuracies of non-dimensional Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™ equipment together with real size shipbuilding laser cutting machines, these established proprietary advantages position LP Corporation as one of the preferred premium suppliers of revolutionary 3D Metal Fusion Systems.

Quality Printing

High-Density: With the extremely low thermal gain drift performance, in combination through Fusion Splicing controller with direct drive digitally driven XYZ motion positioning system, complex, high-density 3D laser printing applications that take long periods of time to complete will maintain consistent micron-level feature placement accuracy over the lifetime of the process.
High-Throughput with Consistency: Likewise, high throughput applications will maintain consistent part-to-part quality without having to re-calibrate between parts.

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