OEM lasers

Laser Photonics’ High-Power CW Fiber Lasers cover an output power range from 1 kW to over 10 kW and feature a wide range of operating wavelengths, single-mode and multi-mode options, high stability, and extremely long pump diode lifetime. These lasers are water-cooled and can be supplied with a built-in or standalone chiller. The lasers are available with a wide variety of fiber terminations, collimation optics, and processing heads. Laser Photonics’ provides high power CW Ytterbium lasers in 1 to >10 kW range and Erbium, Thulium, and Raman fiber lasers in 1 to 5 kW range.

Other CW lasers operating in > 1 kW power range are Diode Lasers and CW Fiber Amplifiers.

Diode Lasers

Single-mode up to 10 kWMulti-mode up to 10 kWExcellent BPPConstant BPP Over Entire Power RangeSmall Focus over Large Working DistanceRecord Wall-plug Efficiency up to 50%

CW Fiber Amplifiers

Dynamic Range from 10 to 100%Optional Affixed ChillerMaintenance-free OperationModular ‘Plug & Play’ DesignCompact, Rugged & Easy to InstallIntegrated Coupler, Beam Sharer or Switch Option
High-Power CW Fiber Lasers

A Unique Combination of Benefits

Fiber lasers have established a superior position in high average power multi-kW industrial laser applications. High power fiber lasers possess a unique combination of properties that make them excel over conventional non-laser and competing laser technologies on both quality and cost:inherently higher brightness (high power and small spot size)superior reliability/ hot redundancywall-plug efficiency exceeding that of high brightness direct diode systemsmodularity and scalability allowing for easy maintenance and low downtimefiber optic delivery with a wide choice of output fiber core diameters optimized for the applicationcompact rugged designease of integration with scanners and optical headsavailability of beam switches, couplers, and sharers providing unique versatility.

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