Laser Engraving 

Laser engraving is the process of removing material creating a 3D image that is permanent and non-removable beginning at a depth > 0.001”.  The workpiece surface is melted and evaporated with a laser beam.

The Canyon™ Deep-Engraving System is an industrial-grade, complete turnkey laser-based system incorporating a programmable 8” Z-axis for focal height adjustments with 2 optical X’Y’ axes increasing the range of the marking area. The Canyon™ system incorporates a movable Rotary Indexer, 50W Fiber Laser or 100W Fantom SLAB laser, Scan Head, Industrial PC Controller and Power Supply.

The Canyon™ can be configured with or without the rotary motor.

The key to the highest quality mark is the addition of a vacuum table and directional blowers that continuously remove debris from the processing area to ensure perfect edge quality with straight & smooth walls in unmatched cycle-times.  The Canyon System uses a unique combination of high energy pulses for deeper material penetration designed for high-speed removal with no re-melting of the material while performing enhanced image detailing and finesse deep-engraving.