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We start the new decade off with a wave of realizations from OSHA and the EPA. After having finally realized the detrimental effects abrasive blasting and chemical cleaning has on life expectancy and work place conditions, laser cleaning is becoming a more viable and necessary option as a regular manufacturing standard. This January issue shares the newest regulations from OSHA and EPA regarding paint, abrasives, and solutions available today.

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Improve Corrosion Resistance & Adhesive Properties Of Steel

Worrying about preparing metal surfaces for welding, which requires the right power tool, abrasive, and a lot of elbow grease, is a problem of the past.

Even degreasing metals or removing anodized surfaces prior to further processing can now be a simple task.

The CleanTech laser systems remove coatings, contaminants, and residues with the use of high-energy fiber laser sources, the same type of power source found in the company’s laser cutting and marking systems.


No Chemicals Or Hazardous Materials For Cleaning Processes

Time and health is a luxury. We need cleaning technology that can deliver both in the forms of:

  • Superior reliability and beam quality
  • Great output powers
  • High electrical efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • No chemicals

Restoring historic artifacts and metal hardware should always start with a laser cleaning to maintain the structural integrity of the artifact without the risk of damage. However, it is particularly advantageous if you are working with previously restored materials.

What Laser Power Do I Need?

Whether you are exploring laser cleaning, laser cutting, laser engraving, or laser marking, the question back will always be ‘at what speed do you need the job done?”

Laser power is directly related to speed.

Low laser power, slower processing.

High laser power, faster processing.

The application and materials used as well will have a factor in what bottom line laser power you will need.

Confusing? No worries, this is our expertise of over 100 years of combined experience and we’re happy to help point you in the right direction.

Give us a call or send us your project details. Spending hours researching can be dwindled down to minutes by speaking with an expert who has devoted their lifes work to understanding this industrial process.

Print My Teeth Please

You got it! We just came out with a new product for Dental offices called the 3DF120D – 3D Dental Laser Printer.

One of the most common applications of this system within dentistry is the quick production of custom sized crowns, braces, implants, or surgical guides. Additive manufacturing allows a dentist himself to produce crowns very quickly following the scan of patient’s teeth.

What does this have to do with lasers?

When it comes to sintering and binding, lasers are used to bind materials layer by layer to create a solid and durable product. Without laser, the layers would just fall apart!

Laser Cleaning Just Got Safer

OSHA is cracking down on abrasive blasting and chemical cleaning.

But our laser blaster cabinet cracks down on complying with all of OSHA’s potential concerns.

The CleanTech Laser Blaster is the only laser cleaning machine in the world that incorporates the exclusive powerful fiber laser with an enclosed, hand held, laser blasting head in a 30” x 26” working area.

It is the only Laser Blaster manufactured in compliance with CDRH FDA regulatory compliance while also addressing speed, precision, OSHA Compliance, safety, and flexibility.

Laser Cutting Copper

5 Kilo-What Cutting??

The clock speed of business today is faster than ever before.

So what goes hand-in-hand with speed? Power.

The 5 Kilowatt Laser Cutter is the fastest and most cutting edge product offer to help achieve speed, functionality, and longevity.

The company’s flagship performance advantage is Direct Drive Motion System (DDMS) technology, a maintenance-free magnetic based motion platform that is superior to any other mechanical motion system simply because it is an order of magnitude lower in resistance.

All other competing technologies require larger, high-power consumption motors to offset higher-resistant motion systems that require routine replacement of parts due to continuous friction based wear & tear.

Laser cutting is critical to many industries, might as well make it good. Take a look yourself.

OSHA Is Not Playing Games

Of the topics slated for the year is the release of OSHA’s proposed rule on Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica, slated to take place in June 2020.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released its long-term regulatory agenda, setting forth the Agency’s schedule for the next 12 months.

Rising Costs In Paint Require Efficient Ways To Treat Surfaces

Its time to weight the costs of quality surface preparation versus how much more paint is needed.

Its a known fact that if a surface is prepped with quality and ready to receive a coating or sealant, then you will use less sealant, coating, and paint.

By increasing the adhesive bond strength on composite surfaces, one can spend less money on paint and further maintenance.

One way to achieve optimal surface preparation would be through the use of laser cleaning technology.

Read more about the global rise of paint costs from industry-leader PPG.

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