Blackstar™ Wafer Dicing System


BLACKSTAR™ is a Wafer Dicing System utilizing Fantom Width Laser Dicing Technology® (FWLDT®) invented and patented by Laser Photonics and modified to accommodate the requirements of a silicon wafer singulation process without affecting the existent dicing method, processes or procedures. The FWLDT® splits materials at the molecular level at tremendous speed with no material loss. This results in the highest edge quality and the fastest dicing speed.

Wafers have the highest value at the dicing stage and the primary focus of a BlackStar™ is to increase the number of dies, yield per wafer, and to maximize throughput while minimizing the HAZ specifically for “power hungry” RF micro devices and low-K wafer substrates.
System is applicable for dicing of assorted semiconductor materials such as silicon (Si), gallium arsenide (GaAs), germanium (Ge), indium phosphide (InP), silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), gallium phosphide (GaP), other compound materials, as well as low-k and multi-layer composite materials.

BlackStar™ is an alternative to mechanical saws too damaging and costly for cutting of thin delicate silicon, low-K and complex material wafers.

Significant Advantages of Dicing and Separation Technology:

The possibility of a cut with zero or 20 micron narrow width (application specific) allows wafer layout designers to reduce the width of the spacing between adjacent die on a wafer. The spacing is normally reserved to allow for the width of the saw used to cut the wafer. A reduction of the spacing width will result in an increase of the real estate available for die, which will result in a significant reduction of the cost per die.

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Parameter Value
Material Low-K
Street width Thickness dependent
# of passes required 1
Micro Cracks None
Chipping None
Edge strength Excellent
Clean Room Compatibility Class 1000 or 10000
Water Cooling None


  • Proprietary Type


  • Wafer thickness – 50µ to 700µ.
  • Wafer size – 12″ max.
  • Frame: Standard types (8” or 12″)
  • Holding tape: standard low tack


  • Two-level Magnification
  • Optical zoom
  • Type: Pattern Recognition with
  • Automatic alignment


  • 4 axis direct drive servo platform.
  • Working area 500 x 500 mm
  • Maximum axis speed 500 mm/s