Shipbuilding & Maritime

Laser Photonics researches and builds equipment to aid initiatives in the maritime industry, shipbuilding, and ship maintenance/repair processes. We address equipment that has the capability of improving efficiency, safety, inventory management, and more. Laser Cleaning in particular is a new disruptive technology effectively replacing environmentally hazardous processes like sandblasting, chemical cleaning, or abrasive blasting – eliminating the health risks associated with sandblasting and chemical cleanings equipment. Lasers are applicable for contamination removal, surface restoration, surface structure, inventory tracking/management, permanent service and quality marking, and other unique scenarios.

Efficient pre-welding treatment or material preparation for welding. Can include rust removal, e-coating, contamination, or other selective layers that need to be removed for welding.

Recommended System: 2000W CTH


Easily remove the rough and charred area after welding to securely adhere paint or coating to the welded material  in preparation for coatings.

Recommended Systems: 2000W CTH, 1000W CTH.

Maintenance for engine repairs, small boats, critical components, door hinges, door locks and latches, salt water stains, and more to prevent corrosion, maintain functionality, avoid premature failures, and prevent further deterioration and damage

Recommended Systems: 100W CTH, 200W CTH, 300W CTH

Achieve smooth surfaces and remove scaling from engines, <generators, anchoring chains, wenches, gear shifting components, throttle components, fuel pumps, water separators, etc. without disassembly for regular maintenance.

Recommended Systems: 100W CTH, 500W CTH.

Individual parts can be marked and engraved for maintenance information  on when it was replaced and how many hours it was served for scheduled maintenance per usage without human evaluation of conditions.

Recommended Systems: Markstar Pro, Markstar Pro Plus.

Quickly mark certification and maintenance marks to prevent crucial information from deterioration, weathering, integrity loss, and other issues to ensure adequate ship conditions and servicing. Can be used on newly welded piping, high pressure fuel pipes, balance tanks, pressurized compartments, water pipes or high pressure vapor, repair work, pressure vessels, and weld quality.

Recommended System: Markstar Pro, Markstar Pro Plus, Code X, Handheld NCX

Selective cleaning on areas where you only need to clean for access points or other processes for maintenance purposes, service latches, and more.

Recommended Systems: 2000W CTH, 1000W CTH.