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Are Your Production Processes Competitive?

Peter Drucker wasn’t the only corporate mind to declare companies either “innovate or die.” Few market leaders can say that they earned their position by acting like everyone else. Regardless of the industry, competition is a constant in a free market. However, it can be a positive thing—especially as it pushes manufacturers to abandon the status quo in pursuit of disruptive processes superior to what their competitors use. Here are seven reasons why smart companies buy laser systems to develop a sustainable competitive advantage by staying ahead of the innovation curve.

Seven Manufacturing Benefits of Laser System Adoption

1. Maintain a Healthy Staff and a Safe Distance from OSHA Fines:

The developments regarding sandblasting safety concerns in response to OSHA’s regulatory guidelines makes laser cleaning more attractive and cost-effective for manufacturers. Avoiding regulatory fines or—even worse—class-action lawsuits from former employees and their families is a good reason for switching to laser cleaning.

2. Large Tax Stimulus Benefits:

Have you heard of Section 179 of the tax code? If you run a small business and you have not, it is (literally) your loss. This deduction for small and medium-sized enterprises gives a tax break on investments that grow their company; including on capital equipment! Equipment costs purchased in the same tax year (as high as $2.5 Million) can be deducted. Here’s how you can make the most of the next financial year.

3. Eliminates Tooling and Consumables Costs:

Replacement parts, additives, and other component costs of old legacy systems and processes add up to substantial hidden expenditures by year-end—taking a significant dent out of annual profits. Laser systems operate for years with minimal or no maintenance, reducing both manufacturing costs and environmental impact.

4. Velocity:

Laser tech cuts through production time at light speed. 3D metal printing, laser cutting and laser cleaning systems perform the same tasks as antiquated alternatives—at a higher frequency and with greater precision. Adopting laser-based systems can reduce the cost of goods sold by drastically lowering production time per unit.

5. Lower Operating Costs:

Laser systems are more compact and efficient than other conventional methods. Their adoption enables manufacturers to free up expensive floor space and reduce payroll redundancies & power consumption demands.

6. Build Capital & Assets Instead of Liabilities:

While late-adopters remain stagnant, disruptive manufacturers can streamline production processes and bolster the valuation of their firm by investing in capital assets like industrial laser cutting or cleaning systems; rather than lowering it by leasing inferior alternatives.

7. Mitigating Maintenance—and Risk:

An “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy usually works for manufacturers… until something breaks. A decommissioned system can halt production; stagger an entire supply chain and dry up projected cash flows. Unexpected lag-times and expensive repairs can drive quarterly earnings—or the entire firm—into the ground. Investing in the latest laser solutions mitigates the financial risks of malfunction by virtually eliminating maintenance and replacement expenses. Laser Photonics’ product lines boast an industry-leading MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)—surpassing 100,000 hours.

As the global economy recovers from the pandemic’s downturn, smart companies are now purchasing laser systems in order to place themselves ahead of their competition. Right now, upgrading production methods to the latest laser technology can save on energy costs, consumables, maintenance and increase throughput, yield and ultimately: your bottom line. That said, it’s not hard to realize that now is the time to improve your production capabilities with a laser system. Troubled times do not define successful companies. Rather, how they respond to that pressure does. True market leaders take on calculated risks—the rewards that precipitate from those choices hoist them above their competition and secure their longevity.

About Laser Photonics

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