2000 watt handheld laser cleaning machine

Orlando, FL— Jan 19, 2020 — Our team is constantly addressing industry challenges and crafting laser-based solutions. Based on this past year’s necessary manufacturing improvements, our research and development team has created, tested, and is officially announcing our newest products designed to make manufacturing easier and more efficient while keeping in mind budget, safety, and speed. As the first product roll-out, we are proud to announce our high-powered, Jobsite ready, Handheld 2KW Jobsite Laser Blaster for material cleaning applications. This industrial laser cleaning equipment is designed with speed and user convenience in mind while being the most cost-effective, efficient, and safe method of industrial cleaning, rust removal, paint removal, and surface preparation.

As the industry’s fastest available handheld laser cleaning machine, it is designed to replace sandblasting, abrasive blasting, and chemical cleaning methods. The Handheld 2000W (2KW) Jobsite Laser Blaster removes messy chemicals and contaminants from the equation — No more storing and using dangerous chemicals, hazardous fumes, costly clean-ups, and complicated procedures.

Click on the samples below to see how each sample was cleaned using the 2000-CTH Jobsite.

Samples cleaned using the CleanTech™ 2000-CTH JobSite

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Laser Photonics Corporation, based in Orlando, Florida, is the leading industrial company in high-tech laser systems for laser cleaning, laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving, 3D printing, and other materials processing applications. Our systems are currently and historically, used by manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, maritime, and medical industries around the world. The Laser Photonics brand is associated with a number of worldwide licenses and patents for innovative and unique laser products and technologies. Laser Photonics has, for over three decades, been the workhorse of industry-standard laser subtractive manufacturing. Laser Photonics systems have been implemented into the production and maintenance regimens of world-renowned organizations such as Sony, NIKE, 3M, Delphi, NNSY-Norfolk Naval Shipyard, NASA, Cannon Air Force Base, Eaton Aerospace, Blue Origin, GE, Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, PPG, Eli Lilly, Smith & Nephew, Millipore, DuPont, Bosch, Gables Engineering, Champion Aerospace, Smith Aerospace, Metaldyne, and Heraeus.

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