inside laser blasting cabinet
inside a laser blasting cabinet

Orlando, FL— Sep 15, 2020 — Laser Photonics, the company committed to providing industrial-grade laser cleaning, laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting, and 3d printing machines to engineers and manufacturers, announced the launch of Cleantech™ Laser Blaster Cabinet, the world’s first FDA compliant, environmentally-friendly laser cleaning machine. As one of the most versatile Class 1 machines, the Cleantech™ Laser Blaster Cabinet is characterized by its toughness, high performance, speed, precision, and incredible productivity, making it a key piece of equipment on OSHA and CDRH FDA regulatory compliance for industrial applications.

As the Federal Agencies demand for safer and better ways to protect workers and the environment, Laser Photonics is broadening its portfolio to include Cleantech™ Laser Blaster Cabinet, enabling workers and industries to a more friendly and faster method of cleaning a variety of critical industrial applications that are hazardous, such as abrasive blasting, chemicals, nuclear contaminant, mold, and metallic residue, to name a few. Now, companies nationwide will be able to move away from the old days, comply with the new regulations and ultimately switch to a safer, faster, and more reliable procedure.

The applications and benefits of Cleantech™ Laser Blaster Cabinet are seen across a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, nuclear, defense, shipbuilding, and maritime, among others:


Using Laser Cleaning for paint stripping avoids health issues like skin and eye irritation. Paint stripper chemicals can cause headaches, drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, and loss of coordination. Some of the chemicals used have also been linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and damage to the kidney, liver, and brain. With Laser Cleaning, you can selectively clean parts of components, such as the rim of the lower oil pans, without the detrimental health risks that are known in abrasive blasting and chemical cleanings.


Traditionally, aviation manufacturers have relied on dry abrasive blasting processes for surface finishing and cleaning. But the resultant dust from sandblasting and dry blasting pose health problems to employees as well as safety hazards to the factory when static electricity is present, which can lead to explosions and fires. Laser Cleaning reduces waste products, which in turn, increases safety and with no need for chemicals.


Nuclear power plants can produce a very large amount of energy from a very small amount of fuel. The radioactive waste produced can be clean safely with laser technology. Laser Cleaning can de-contaminate radioactive components and remove oxide-bound radiation without damaging the base material.


Hulls can collapse, ballast tanks weaken and motors fail, all because of rust. Rust may work through the metal near the gas tank of a vehicle, aircraft or ship puncturing the fuel line and causing gas to leak. Even worse, damage to the structure of a vehicle compromises its ability to absorb impact damage properly. Laser Cleaning is a safe and cost-effective way to maintain military equipment and transportation mechanisms from corrosion.

Shipbuilding and Maritime:

Ships are full of saltwater systems and ocean air. Rust, dirt, and salt are the main reasons for a malfunction and paint is what protects the metal from corrosion. Laser Cleaning helps remove old paint and rust to prepare the surface for a new and highly adhesive coat.

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