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Comparing the Costs of Sandblasting and Laser Cleaning

Many people in industry still believe that sandblasting is the cheapest surface treatment available. But—even without factoring in regulatory fines from OSHA and EPA that came into effect last year—that simply does not add up. There are numerous reasons that manufacturers around the world are adopting Laser Cleaning systems for corrosion control, coatings removal and surface preparation: improved occupational safety, unparalleled accuracy and precision, improved processing speed and environmental friendliness. But ultimately, businesses must prioritize their bottom line. The one cost that makes sandblasting so much more expensive is hidden: consumables. The media sprayed by sandblaster costs an average of $39.00 per hour of operation, while most machines burn through an average of $10.72 worth of diesel fuel per hour. Ultimately, the operating costs of sandblasting machinery are nearly five times those of Laser Photonics’ Laser Blasting systems. If cost is an important factor for manufacturers considering new surface preparation solutions, they should look beyond the installation costs. The infographic below gives a short breakdown of how the costs of deploying both cleaning processes add up:

cost comparison of laser cleaning and sandblasting

Why is Sandblasting Dangerous?

Sandblasting has been around since the nineteenth century. It is known to cause lung cancer, silicosis and hearing loss. Yet, alternative methods have hardly even been suggested until recently. Government regulations force companies to equip employees with protective suits from head to toe, along with other cleanup and fuel cost considerations. Cleanup is messy and the silicon particles can disperse into the air, making a dirty and harmful environment. Inhaling them can cause a permanent respiratory illness called crystalline silicosis. Protective suits prevent operators from exposing themselves to silica and other inhalants, but they are hot and cumbersome to wear; making respiration and mobility more difficult while on the job. The sand can be replaced with other blasting agents, but the consumables cost of operating them is considerably large. A newer, efficient solution is Laser Blasting.

What is the best alternative to Sandblasting?

CleanTech Laser Blasting is the disruptive technology developed by Laser Photonics that has already replaced hazardous blast media and chemical cleaning methods for Fortune 500 companies, global industries and industrial agencies. Laser Blasting is revolutionizing how industrial cleaning is carried out, and Laser Photonics is leading the way with its safe, clean and economical line of revolutionary cleaning products. Want to see how our systems can process your own materials and components? Fill out the form below to coordinate a sample with our Application Testing & Research Lab.

CleanTech laser products are used for surface preparation, paint removal, and surface cleaning. The newly released CleanTech™ systems offer a non-abrasive cleaning process that is safer and more eco-friendly. The LPC-200-CTH is currently being used for industrial applications such as nuclear power energy holding tanks, injection molds, food processing, and cosmetics equipment, power turbine generator components, and different exhaust systems with a critical requirement to maintain its original surface finish.

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