For more than ten years we have valued having you as a customer. In that time, customers have often told us that it’s the reliability and speed of our laser equipment that they appreciate the most. So we wanted to let you know that should your laser equipment require service or technical support, our customer support group stands ready to meet all your product servicing needs.

Laser Photonics supports customers throughout the world with a dedicated team of service and technical support engineers to provide after sales service from the moment the laser is delivered. Laser Photonics offers extensive customer training and support to ensure the best system performance.

Did you know that just in the past five years, technology used in industrial lasers for material processing has changed? With improvements in hardware and software controls for laser equipment, it may be time for you to evaluate an upgrade to your laser systems.

As an innovative leader in manufacturing laser material processing equipment for marking, cutting and engraving applications, we strive to use the latest technology for laser systems. Our laser equipment products today are among the latest generation of industrial laser solutions.

For more info on how the latest technology applies to your laser system, please contact our products group.

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We look forward to being of service to you in the continued future.