Laser Photonics To Attend NCMS CTMA Partners Meeting With Its Selection of Laser Solutions

ORLANDO, Fla., April 16, 2024Laser Photonics Corporation (LPC) (NASDAQ: LASE), a leading global developer of industrial laser systems for cleaning and other material processing applications, announced today that it is attending this year’s NCMS Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities (CTMA) Partners Meeting.

Set to take place from May 7 to May 9 in Providence, Rhode Island, the CTMA Partner’s Meeting is designed to promote an exchange of ideas among maintenance and sustainment leaders in government, industry and academia. This event is the only DOD-wide forum dedicated to advancing maintenance and sustainment (M&S) capabilities, where the primary focus is on innovations and ideas that drive the evolution of M&S strategies to promote warfighter readiness. The event is hosted by the technology development consortium National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS).

“For Laser Photonics, the NCMS CTMA Partners Meeting is a valuable opportunity to present our next-generation solutions to maintenance and sustainment leaders. We thank NCMS and CTMA for providing a forum where LPC and other innovators can present their technologies to a broad cross-section of decision makers in government, industry and academia,” said Wayne Tupuola, CEO of Laser Photonics.

What: 2024 NCMS CTMA Partners Meeting
When: May 7- May 9, 2024
Where: Graduate Providence Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island

At the NCMS CTMA Partner Meeting, LPC will present a selection of its laser systems, including the newest version of its CleanTech 1500-CTHD. The CleanTech 1500-CTHD has been updated to a much smaller and more portable form factor. LPC will also highlight its marine laser cleaning system the MARLIN DT-100M, an innovative technology targeting the needs of shipbuilding and boat manufacturing professionals. Lastly, LPC will also be bringing its DefenseTech DT-200-MRLS and DT-2000-MRLS defense-focused laser systems to the event.

Those who attend the Partners Meeting will be able to witness LPC’s laser cleaning systems
in action. The opportunity will also present professionals with the chance to learn about how the
company’s technology can help with corrosion and coating removal, as well as optimize their MRO processes. LPC will educate attendees on its full portfolio of industrial-grade laser systems for material processing, including the WeldTech, MarkStar, and other products.

CleanTech Laser Blasting Technology
CleanTech Laser Blasting products by Laser Photonics provide industry professionals with eco-friendly, cost-effective and time-efficient systems that are utilized for industrial cleaning. Applications include rust removal, paint removal, surface preparation and more. This technology is an excellent alternative to traditional cleaning methods like sandblasting, dry ice blasting and other abrasive blasting techniques.

DefenseTech Laser Cleaning Technology
The DefenseTech product line by Laser Photonics provides professionals in the defense industry with an MRO tool for corrosion control and prevention. Laser cleaning equips professionals with the technology they need to maintain equipment integrity and enhance operations. Our laser cleaning systems effectively accomplish this without damaging underlying surfaces, ensuring prolonged equipment life and operational readiness. For more information, visit

MARLIN Laser Cleaning Technology
The MARLIN Handheld LPC-100M-MHS and LPC-200M-MHS are air-cooled pulse laser systems, perfect for small craft marine vessel applications. The equipment’s portable design lends itself to laser cleaning and surface treatment on small areas requiring delicate cleaning, de-painting and other surface preparation operations. The MARLIN product line helps industry professionals tackle their corrosion challenges while saving them time and money.

About Laser Photonics Corporation
Laser Photonics is a vertically integrated manufacturer and R&D Center of Excellence for industrial laser technologies and systems. Laser Photonics seeks to disrupt the $46 billion, centuries-old sand and abrasives blasting markets, focusing on surface cleaning, rust removal, corrosion control, de-painting and other laser-based industrial applications. Laser Photonics’ new generation of leading-edge laser blasting technologies and equipment also addresses the numerous health, safety, environmental and regulatory issues associated with old methods. As a result, Laser Photonics has quickly gained a reputation as an industry leader in industrial laser systems with a brand that stands for quality, technology and product innovation. Currently, world-renowned and Fortune 1000 manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, maritime, space exploration and shipbuilding industries are using Laser Photonics’ “unique-to-industry” systems. For more information, visit

About NCMS
NCMS is one of the largest cross-industry collaborative R&D consortiums in North America, driving innovation in commercial, defense and robotics manufacturing. CTMA is a Cooperative Agreement in partnership with the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Materiel Readiness (ODASD MR) and NCMS. Its objective is to ensure American warfighters and their equipment are ready to face any situation, with the most up-to-date and best-maintained platforms, data, and tools available.

About CTMA
With a relentless focus on defense maintenance, sustainment, and logistics, CTMA offers an agile and streamlined contracting vehicle in partnership with industry and academia to advance the development, integration, and use of commercial sustainment technologies and processes which can improve warfighter readiness. CTMA initiatives focus on reliability, improved weapon systems capability with lowered overall sustainment costs, reduced cycle time for sustainment, improved sustainer safety, efficiency, and productivity, while improving business practices and data collection/management.

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