Laser Photonics Receives Order From Lufthansa Technik for CleanTech Laser Cleaning System

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 7, 2023Laser Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: LASE), a leading global developer of CleanTech laser systems for laser cleaning and other material applications, announced today that it received an order for its CleanTech laser cleaning system from Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico, a world-class Lufthansa Group maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) site specializing in the care of short and medium-sized aircraft.

“The laser cleaning system purchased by Lufthansa Technik was the perfect solution for the maintenance needs at their Aguadilla facility and is indicative of our technology’s increased adoption in the aerospace and aviation industry,” commented Wayne Tupuola, chief executive officer of Laser Photonics.

Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico chose Laser Photonics’ CleanTech LPC-1000-CTHS laser cleaning system as their preferred cleaning solution due to the technology presenting them with a non-abrasive, eco-friendly, cost-effective and operator-safe cleaning method. This single-axis CleanTech laser cleaning system will be implemented into their operations to reduce the time needed for cleaning and maintenance, leading to lower costs and reduced maintenance times.

CleanTech Handheld LPC-1000-CTHS
The CleanTech LPC-1000-CTHS by Laser Photonics is a portable 1000W handheld laser that is the perfect tool for laser cleaning, roughing, and finishing across a wide variety of surfaces like iron, steel, aluminum, and more. This handheld laser cleaning system utilizes the latest class 4 fiber laser technology to provide superior results while being safer and more eco-friendly when compared to traditional abrasive cleaning methods.

About Laser Photonics Corporation
Laser Photonics is a vertically integrated manufacturer and R&D Center of Excellence for industrial laser technologies and systems. Laser Photonics seeks to disrupt the $46 billion, centuries old, sand and abrasives blasting markets, focusing on surface cleaning, rust removal, corrosion control, de-painting, and other laser-based industrial applications. Laser Photonics’ new generation of leading-edge laser blasting technologies and equipment also addresses the numerous health, safety, environmental, and regulatory issues associated with the old methods. As a result, Laser Photonics has quickly gained a reputation as an industry leader for industrial laser systems with a brand that stands for quality, technology, and product innovation. Currently, world-renowned and Fortune 1000 manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, maritime, space exploration and shipbuilding industries are using Laser Photonics’ “unique-to-industry” systems. For more information, visit

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