Laser Photonics Receives Order from Gateway Clipper for Fleet Corrosion Control

ORLANDO, Fla., April 18, 2023 – Laser Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: LASE) (“LPC”), a leading global developer of industrial cleantech laser systems for laser cleaning and other materials applications, today announced it received an order from Gateway Clipper, an operator of sightseeing and dinner cruises on Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers.

Peter Evans, president of Laser Photonics, commented: “Gateway Clipper’s purchase of our CleanTech Handheld LPC-2000 – CTHD system to service their fleet of five ships is a perfect example of the huge marine opportunity available to Laser Photonics. Corrosion control within the marine and boating industry is in heavy demand, and the CleanTech line, with its dual-axis technology, is a perfect fit for this application. Our 2000-watt systems have helped customers reduce the preparation time and increase throughput speeds by quickly removing grease, oil and rust from ships.”

CleanTech Handheld LPC-2000-CTHD

The CleanTech Handheld LPC-2000-CTHD is a 2000-watt handheld laser cleaning machine and surface preparation system designed to remove rust, paint, and almost anything else from steel, aluminum, iron, and many more surface types. We believe the CleanTech Laser Blasting Systems’ performance surpasses the capabilities of standard sandblasting and dry-ice blasting while eliminating dangerous chemicals, hazardous fumes, costly materials and complicated procedures.

About Laser Photonics Corporation

Laser Photonics is a vertically-integrated manufacturer and R&D Center of Excellence for industrial laser technologies and systems. LPC seeks to disrupt the $46 billion, centuries-old sand and abrasives blasting markets, focusing on surface cleaning, rust removal, corrosion control, de-painting, and other laser-based industrial applications. LPC’s new generation of leading-edge laser blasting technologies and equipment also addresses the numerous health, safety, environmental, and regulatory issues associated with the old methods. As a result, LPC has quickly gained a reputation as an industry leader in industrial laser systems with a brand that stands for quality, technology, and product innovation. Currently, world-renowned and Fortune 1000 manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, maritime, space exploration, and shipbuilding industries are using LPC’s “unique-to-industry” systems. For more information, visit

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