Laser Cutting Acrylic

Application Details The Application was done with a low power system in the lab. The recommendation for this process would be for a minimum of 100watt laser for projected cutting speeds of 1mm per second. 100-watt laser projected 50mm plus per second.200-watt laser...

Laser cutting cardboard application

Material:  Cardboard Method Used:  Laser Cutting Depth:  Through Laser Type:  CO2 Focal Length Lens:  5″ Power: 200 Watts Frequency: 1-10 kHz (Modulated) Speed: 20-50mm Passes: 1 The samples were cut using the SBM 1200FL cutting system equipped with a 250 Watt...

Laser Cutting Aluminum

Aluminum is widely used in metal fabrication but not exclusively cut by lasers. Aluminum is extremely reflective to conventional CO2 laser technology. Fiber lasers are the answer.