Semi-Automatic Laser Systems

“Revolutionize Cleaning with Control: Semi-Automatic Laser Precision at Your Fingertips.”

CleanTech™ Semi-automatic laser cleaning systems represent a versatile and efficient approach to surface treatment and material cleaning. These systems combine the precision of laser technology with a degree of manual control, offering users the flexibility to target specific areas with greater accuracy.

Ideal for applications where a balance between automation and operator intervention is crucial, semi-automatic laser cleaning systems are well-suited for tasks such as rust removal, paint stripping, and surface preparation. Users can manually guide the laser beam to address intricate or irregularly shaped components, ensuring a thorough and controlled cleaning process. These systems often integrate user-friendly interfaces, enabling operators to tailor cleaning parameters based on the unique requirements of each task. With their ability to combine precision and human oversight, semi-automatic laser cleaning systems provide an effective solution for a wide range of industrial cleaning applications.

Our Semi-Automatic Systems

CleanTech™ Megacenter

The CleanTech™ Megacenter Laser Cleaning System is an Industrial-Grade Laser parts cleaning, rust removal and surface conditioning system.


      • Industrial-Grade Laser System
      • Used for parts cleaning, rust removal and surface conditioning system
      • Operates as a standalone unit or can easily be integrated into a production line environment

CleanTech™ Titan FX

The CleanTech Titan FX is a high-power, large format laser designed for cleaning, rust removal, and surface conditioning on large and heavy pieces.


      • Designed for industrial applications
      • Used for cleaning, rust removal, and surface conditioning
      • Up to 7′ x 13′ processing area

CleanTech™ Titan Express

Mid-Size – Powerful – Complete. The CleanTech Titan Express Laser Cleaning Machine is a high-power fiber laser for cleaning and surface conditioning.


      • Rust and paint removal, and casting mold cleaning
      • Used for cleaning and surface conditioning
      • Up to 4′ x 4′ working envelope
      • Class IV Fiber Laser

CleanTech™ Robotic Cell Enclosure

The CleanTech Robotic Cell Enclosure is the first commercially available collaborative, easily programmable, AI-capable Laser Cleaning system in the US.


      • Zinc Removal
      • Rust & Corrosion Removal
      • Ideal for Cleaning Most Surfaces
      • Surface Roughening and Conditioning

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