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Located in Orlando, Florida, Laser Photonics is recognized as the #1 brand of industrial-grade laser solutions for marking, engraving, cleaning, and cutting. The company traces its roots back to 1981, leveraging its extensive experience in delivering cutting-edge laser-powered systems to industry leaders across diverse markets. The world-class R&D team at Laser Photonics readily engineers custom-tailored solutions to meet its clients’ unique needs and address evolving industry challenges.

Laser Photonics technology is trusted by renowned businesses worldwide, and the company is dedicated to empowering those who power the world. Laser Photonics continues to provide innovators and market leaders with eco-friendly laser systems to build toward a cleaner and healthier future.

In-House Design. Customization. Affordability.


    • We own a number of licenses and patents for innovative and advanced laser products and technologies
    • Our commitment to quality is evident in every component and sub-assembly we manufacture, ensuring long-term serviceability
    • Our machines are built to endure, designed for easy mastery, and require minimal upkeep
    • Our products are versatile, easily integrated into production lines, and capable of handling specialized tasks
    • Our pricing is highly competitive, reflecting our cost-efficient approach to design and engineering that sets us apart from the competition
    • We are dedicated to providing exceptional support to our customers

Over 100+ Companies Trust Us

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