Material:  PET
Method Used:  Cutting
Depth:  Through
Laser Type:  CO2 200W
Focal Length Lens:  3.75″ lens
Power: ~50 Watts
Frequency: 4 kHz
Speed: 200mm per sec
Passes: 1

The samples were cut using the 200 Watt SMB 1200 FL cutting system. The PET film was cut using the pattern requested by the customer. While processing the samples an emphasis was placed on producing a cut with little to no residue left on the samples. The end result was a clean cut with crisp edges and minimal to zero residues. The only drawback while cutting the PET film was overcoming the air-bubbles contained in the protective layers. The drawbacks from the air bubbles were minimal and basically resulted in providing an opportunity for leaving residue on the sample, the air bubbles at times made it difficult to cut cleanly through the protective layer. This occurrence was minimal and the samples can still be easily removed once cut out. The final samples were cut out from a whole sheet using an array of 6×7 pieces.

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