Material: Titanium
Method Used: Annealing
Depth: Surface
Laser Type: Pulsed Fiber
Focal Length Lens: 160mm
Power: 95%
Frequency: 30 kHz
Speed: 1″ per sec
Passes: 12
Cycle Time:
26.52 seconds

The samples were processed using the 20 watt Pulsed Fiber Laser equipped with a 160mm lens. In order to get the marks darker than what was currently being produced the beam was defocused approximately 6mm above the part. A low frequency was used to obtain the highest amount of beam intensity and a slow mark speed was used. The parameters that produced the best results were marking at 6mm above focus, 95% Power, 30 kHz and 1 “ per second mark speed. The mark darkens more and more with each consecutive pass, using 10-12 passes produced the best results during testing.