Laser engraving / burning wood model and or serial numbers on Cabinet doors and drawer faces. 30 W @ 100% and 100-150 mm/sec.

Various size cabinet doors were laser marked using the Fantom 30 Watt kit. Various species of wood marked well with a deep engraving. Little to no residue was deposited on the parts.

Characters were marked at 2 mm height and in proportion to the single strike text used previously with mechanical means. Cycle time was only 1.1 second per mark.

Sample Name: Cabinet Doors Working Distance: 2″
Material: Wood (Various Species) Power: 30 Watts (100%)
Method Used: Laser Etching Frequency: CW
Depth: .020″ Speed: 55.9 mm/sec
Laser Type: Co2 Passes: 1
Focal Length Lens: 3.5 in Cycle Time: 1.1 seconds
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