The various HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) were sent in for processing with our 20 watt fiber laser. The customer’s logo was generated and lased on all the various color samples and implants using various laser parameters to achieve the best overall contrast. Some colors responded better than others due to their individual absorption rates of the 1060-1070nm wavelength produced by the fiber laser.

By comparison to an Nd:YAG producing the same wavelength, the beam structure of the fiber laser is of a much higher quality (smaller spot size, higher energy density and is round/concentric versus a significantly larger beam size that is elliptical and not nearly as uniform). Many of the colored HMWPE parts were marked at 8 watts of power resulting in approximately a 3.5 second cycle time. The remaining colors required full power to create a contrasting mark at the 3.5 second cycle time. The orange sample did not result in any contrast.

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