The parts were marked using a 10Watt Fiber Laser Marking System. The parts were marked using two passes. These samples were marked with tighter fill spacing. The move delays and the focal distance were optimized in order to produce a more uniform paint removal without causing any melting of the plastic. A light film of residue seemed to be left behind after removing the paint. The residue however did not seem to hamper the transparency of the mark. The cycle time for each part was 2.92 seconds.

Backlit Button Paint Removal Parameters:

Material: Painted Plastic
Power: 5.5 & 7 Watts
The method used: Paint Removal
Frequency: 80kHz
Depth: Surface
Speed: 25 inch/sec
Laser Type: Q-Switched Fiber Laser
Focal Length Lens: 160mm
Cycle Time: 2.92 Seconds

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