The canisters were marked using the 20-watt q-switched ytterbium fiber laser, along with a 160 mm focal length lens. In order to get the marks along the outside diameter of the parts, each part was held in a fixture that allowed for manual rotation. Each part was turned by hand in the fixture, then placed on each of its ends to complete the marking in all requested areas. The logo had a cycle time of 0.94 seconds each, two were marked, the text between both logos had a cycle time of 0.63 seconds. On the ends, the “ Inlet ” side had a cycle time of 1.53 seconds, while the “ Outlet ” side had a cycle time of 1.19 seconds. Each mark used two passes, this was done to add depth to the etch. The total cycle time just for laser marking the parts was 5.23 seconds.

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