The steel gear was marked using a 20 Watt Q-Switched Fiber Laser with a 160 mm lens. Logo, human-readable characters and their barcode, 2D matrix code were etched on the part using 18 Watts of power, frequency of 25 kHz, and speed of 6″ per second for only one pass. All marked characters including of Laser Photonics, date code, and a serial number took a total of 5.44 seconds. The cycle time for the barcode was 10.70 seconds, for the 2D code was 4.65 seconds, and for the logo was 27.46 seconds. High contrast marks were achieved.

Technology: Q-Switched Fiber Laser
Wattage: 20 Watt
Wavelength: 1060 nm – 1070 nm
Focal Length Lens: 160 mm

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