UID marking was created using a 20-watt q-switched ytterbium fiber laser with a 160 mm focal length lens. The 160mm focal length lens has a working distance of 176mm from lens to part. The marks were created on the parts using a 2 step process. First, the light patch was etched onto the surface using 12 watts of power with a frequency of 30 kHz and speed of 50 inches per second, resulting in a cycle time of 0.99 seconds. Next, the 2D code and text were annealed onto the surface using 18 watts of power, with a frequency of 35kHz and a speed of 4 inches per second, resulting in cycle times of 7.08 seconds for the 2D Code and 1.5 seconds for the text. The total cycle time for all marks on the part was 9.5 seconds.

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