A Lean, Green Cutting Machine

Introducing the all-new Titan Express Your CO2 laser may still get the job done, but it’s time to stop cutting corners with your industrial machinery.  Our CleanTech Titan Express laser cutter offersRead More…


Seven Reasons Smart Manufacturers are Divesting from Legacy Systems

2020 Hindsight: Are Your Production Processes Competitive? Peter Drucker wasn’t the only corporate mind to declare companies either “innovate or die.” Few market leaders can say that they earned their position byRead More…

CleanTech laser removing rust from steel wheelwheel

Safer Workplace, Cleaner Environment and Huge Tax Breaks

Welcome to the Age of CleanTech­™ It isn’t often that watercooler gossip might turn to praising Big Government for new regulations, but this is 2020. The enforcement of new OSHA rules designedRead More…